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01.31.2007UFO stupidities: The Lutinoids.
01.31.2007UFO stupidities: Dandelion to get rid of UFOs.
01.30.2007France 1954: Valenciennes, Sept. 10.
01.30.2007France 1954: Contrexeville, August 8.
01.30.2007CE3 update: Libreville, Gabon 1963.
01.27.2007CE3: Petersborough, R-U. 1909
01.26.2007CE3 update: Marseilles, France 1921.
01.25.2007CE3: Cojutepeque, El Salvador 1958.
01.25.2007French UFO secrets: A witness of dubious background.
01.25.2007French UFO secrets: UFO in Agenvillers, 1955.
01.25.2007French UFO secrets: Radar track above Morocco, 1954.
01.24.2007CE3: Tappen, USA, 2006.
01.24.2007CE3: Waterloo, USA 1957.
01.23.2007The Press, 1965: Evening Star, News-Herald, Ultimas Noticias.
01.23.2007The Press, 1965: South Wales Echo, Worksop Guardian, Melbourne Gazette.
01.22.2007The Press, 1965: New York Post, New York Times, Boston Globe.
01.21.2007Your reports: Weird lights in the sky, with pics, Cylinder and pink balls, UFO in Lorraine in the 60's.
01.20.2007The Press, 1965: Sacramento Bee, Daily Oklahoma, Daily Oklahoma.
01.19.2007CE3: Kolmarden, Sweden 1967.
01.19.2007CE3: Invercargill, New Zealand 1910.
01.18.2007CE3: Havre de Grace, USA 2006.
01.18.2007CE3: St.Maudan, France 1954.
01.17.2007CE3: Botucatu, Brazil 1982.
01.16.2007CE3: Tinduf, Algeria 1998.
01.14.2007The Press, 1965: Le Provençal, Le Méridional.
01.13.2007The Press, 1965: Oklahoma City Times, Oklahoma Journal, Oklahoma Journal.
01.13.2007The Press, 1965: Oklahoma City Times, Raleigh Times, Wichita Beacon.
01.12.2007The Press, 1963: La Segunda, New York Post, Patriot-Ledger.
01.09.2007The Press: Boston Globe 1897.
01.09.2007CE3: Maiquetia, Venezuela 1967.
01.08.2007CE3: Robesonia, USA 1973.
01.06.2007Your reports: The Maurecourt sighting, BLURFOs.
01.06.2007CE3 update: Condamine, France 1971, witness' daughter email.
01.06.2007Your reports: UFO above Montpellier, Two motionless points in the sky, Airline pilot shares story, Weird thing on photograph.
01.05.2007Your reports: Luminous UFO seen and photographed, UFO, disinformation, Lemurians and Hollow Earth, Two sightings in France.
01.05.2007Your reports: Impressive phenomenon, In Le Muy, I have a picture of aliens.
01.05.2007Chicago airport UFO on CNN.
01.03.2007Chicago airport UFO on CNN.
01.02.2007Your reports: Two sightings in France, Maneuvering nocturnal light, UFOs outran jets.
01.02.2007Your reports: Aliens on a farm, Nocturnal lights, BLURFO.
01.01.2007Carl Sagan in 1967.
12.30.2006Coeds see saucer in the orchard, 1977.
12.29.2006A so-called "invisible UFO", 2004.
12.28.2006Dazzling cigar in Echevis, France, 1976.
12.25.2006Marcelo Cisternas, Brinsley Le Poer Trench, L.C. Craigie, Keith Daniel.
12.23.2006CE3: Lima, Peru 2006.
12.22.2006CE3: Lins, Brazil 1954.
12.22.2006CE3: Dearborn, USA 1954.
12.21.2006France 1954: Paris, Dec. 28, Carcassonne, Oct. 12., Faremoutiers, Oct., Ancerville, juin.
12.21.2006The Press, La Dépêche du Midi, Newsday, Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
12.20.2006The Press, Centre-Presse, Libération-Champagne, Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire.
12.18.2006The Press, Le Midi Libre, Daily Mail.
12.18.2006CE3: Hanbury, U-K 1968.
12.17.2006The Press, Le Courrier de l'Ouest, 1995, Clarin, 1995.
12.17.2006CE3: Jiulongshan, Chine, 1988.
12.17.2006CE3: Milford, USA 1957.
12.15.2006CE3: Brush Creek, USA 1953.
12.14.2006Your reports: Nocturnal light, Lights go down near motorway, Huge craft in the night.
12.14.2006Your reports: Huge silent flying triangle, Fire ball with trail, Flash in space.
12.14.2006Your reports: Two objects in the daylight sky, Huge triangle on the soccer field, Nocturnal light above the sea.
12.14.2006News from the famous Tagish Lake meteorite.
12.12.2006French Press 1981, January 4, January 6, January 8.
12.12.2006CE3: Aldershot, U-K. 1877.
12.09.2006CE3: Cannes, France 1931.
12.08.2006CE3: Almaseda, Portugal 1954.
12.08.2006CE3: Gateshead, U-K. 1964.
12.08.2006CE3: Quilino, Argentina 1957.
12.07.2006Alleged UFO recovery in Brazil.
12.07.2006CIOVI Bulletin 1962, Page 5, Page 6.
12.07.2006MGS provides proof of liquid water flow on Mars again.
12.06.2006CE3: Nogaro, France 1974.
12.05.2006CIOVI Bulletin 1962, Page 3, Page 4.
12.02.2006CIOVI Bulletin 1962, Page 1, Page 2.
12.01.2006The Press, 1977: La Dépêche du Midi, Le Provencal, Le Parisien.
11.30.2006The Press, 1977: Daily Mail, Daily Colonist, The Victorian.
11.30.2006The Press, 1977: Midi Libre, Le Parisien, Le Provencal.
11.29.2006The Press, 1973: Le Provençal, La Voix du Nord, L'Ardennais.
11.28.2006The Press, 1973: L'Ardennais, Le Provençal, Midi Libre.
11.28.2006The Press, 1973: Le Télégramme de Brest, Ouest-France, Le Figaro.
11.27.2006CE3: Gateshead, U-K 1979.
11.27.2006CE3: Minduri, Brazil 1958.
11.26.2006CE3: Blaison, France 1954.
11.25.2006CE3: Maracaja, Brazil 1957.
11.24.2006CE3: Valencia, Venezuela 1954.
11.22.2006CE3: Pontal, Brazil 1954.
11.21.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 10.
11.21.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 9.
11.20.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 8.
11.19.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 7.
11.19.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 6.
11.19.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 5.
11.18.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 4.
11.17.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 3.
11.16.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 2.
11.15.2006APRO Bulletin July 1957, page 1.
11.14.2006The Press, 1968: Le Méridional, Le Provencal, Le Parisien Libéré.
11.14.2006The Press, 1968: Le Parisien Libéré, Le Méridional, L'Est Republicain.
11.14.2006Your reports: Nocturnal light, Losange, Moving nocturnal lights these days.
11.13.2006Your reports: Fast green ball, Weird noise, sighting, Met aliens.
11.13.2006Your reports: Orange phenomenon, Contrails, At sunset.
11.13.2006Your reports: Flying cigar, Flying saucer, Nocturnal light.
11.12.2006Your reports: Saw UFO in Belgium, Nocturnal light, Nocturnal light same night.
11.11.2006CE3: Saint-Martin-de-la-Place, France 1954.
11.11.2006Your reports: Orange phenomenon in the sky, Hen abducting aliens, Weird sky phenomenon.
11.10.2006CE3: Porto Alegre, Brésil 1954.
11.09.2006The 1954 Press: Nord-Eclair, Nouvelle République des Pyrénées, Le Rouergue Républicain.
11.06.2006RR3: Uriman, Venezuela 1957.
11.06.2006The 1967 Press: Dépêche du Midi, Le Méridional, El Mundo, Edmonton Journal, La Montagne.
11.05.2006CE3: Palma de Mallorca, Spain 1967.
11.05.2006CE3: Palmarito, Venezuela 1954.
11.05.2006CE3: Vader, USA 1970.
11.04.2006CE3: Petare, Venezuela 1954.
11.04.2006The Press: El Nacional, 2000
11.03.2006CE3: Blenheim, New Zealand 1959.
10.21.2006CE3: Joyceville, Canada 1967.
10.20.2006CE3: Frederic, USA 1974.
10.19.2006CE3: Farmersville, USA 1913.
10.19.2006CE3: Fixin, France 1954.
10.18.2006CE3: Monte Grande, Argentina 1965.
10.17.2006CE3: Quebracoco, Brazil 1957.
10.16.2006CE3: San Bernardino, Venezuela 1967.
10.13.2006CE3: Pirassununga, Brazil 1969.
10.13.2006CE3: Monte Moro, Italy 1972.
10.12.2006CE3: Croara, Italy 1957.
10.11.2006CE3: Studham, U-K. 1967.
10.10.2006Do ufologist really think that Hypnosis is a truth serum?
10.08.2006CE3: Resistencia, Argentina 1963.
10.07.2006The Press, Norwich Evening News, Newbury Weekly News, Burnley Express.
10.06.2006CE3: Condamine, France 1971.
10.06.2006CE3: Passapatanzy, USA 1971.
10.06.2006CE3: update, San Pietro, Italy 1952.
10.03.2006CE3: Quilmes, Argentina 1965.
09.30.2006CE3: Pirassununga, Brazil 1968.
09.30.2006CE3: Omont, France 1954.
09.29.2006CE3: Duas Pontes, Brazil 1962.
09.28.2006CE3: Olavarria, Argentina 1968.
09.26.2006CE3: Listowel, Ireland 1910.
09.24.2006"Moonhoax", again.
09.16.2006CE3: Arica, Chile 1964.
09.16.2006CE3: Goulburn, Australia 1968.
09.15.2006CE3: Meylan, France 1976.
09.15.2006CE3: Bloomington, USA 1951.
09.14.2006CE3: Nalchik, Russia 1990.
09.14.2006CE3: Corbola, Italy 1927.
09.14.2006CE3: Lugrin France, 1954, addition [le1].
09.13.2006CE3: Three Mile Lake, Canada 1975.
09.12.2006CE3: San Pietro, Italy 1952.
09.11.2006CE3: Lake Okanagan, Canada 1996.
09.11.2006CE3: Aalborg, Denmark 1960's.
09.10.2006CE3: Burghausen, Germany 1978.
09.09.2006CE3: Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico 2006.
09.09.2006CE3: Lugrin France, 1954.
09.08.2006CE3: Andreevtsy, Russia 1989.
09.08.2006CE3: Quilmes, Argentina 1968.
09.07.2006CE3: Marseilles, France 1921.
09.05.2006Your reports: UFO near ground and weird aircraft in the sky, Nocturnal lights, Nocturnal light.
09.04.2006CE3: Point Defiance Park, USA 1952.
09.03.2006CE3: Souza, Brazil 1950.
09.03.2006CE3: Strasbourg, France 1978.
09.02.2006CE3: Malesherbes, France 1974.
08.31.2006Your reports: Oval orange nocturnal light, Two nocturnal lights, Nocturnal light.
08.31.2006The Press, 2006, Norwich Evening News, Hawkesbury Gazette, Sand Mountain Reporter.
08.28.2006The Press, 1965, Le Méridional, The New York Post, New York News.
08.28.2006The Press, 1965, New York Times, Enfield Gazette and Observer, Le Méridional.
08.26.2006CE3: France 1949.
08.26.2006CE3: Puno, Peru 1965.
08.25.2006CE3: Huanuco, Peru 1965.
08.25.2006CE3: Near Arequipa, Peru 1965.
08.25.2006CE3: Sacsahuaman, Cuzco, Peru 1965.
08.24.2006Five flying saucers in Buzancy, 1955.
08.24.2006UFO in the Yonne, France, 1975.
08.24.2006CE3: Roanne, France, 1967
08.22.2006CE3: Death Valley, California, 1949.
08.22.2006Your reports: Two daylight disks, ray, manoeuvre, France, Nocturnal light, Belgium, Nocturnal lights, U-K..
08.21.2006CE3: Scoriton, 1965.
08.21.2006CE3: Vejer de la Frontera, 1982.
08.19.2006CE3: Amfreville 1947.
08.18.2006Your reports: Weird craft, Silent low flying nocturnal object, Nocturnal lights, Faster than a plane.
08.17.2006CE3: Dante 1957.
08.17.2006CE3: Everittstown 1957.
08.16.2006CE3: Crixas 1967.
08.14.2006CE3: Churchville 1967.
08.12.2006The Press, Egypt, -1504/-1450, Edmonton Journal 1967, Le Parisien 1972.
08.11.2006A to Z: Ann Druffel, Bill Lowry, Sociopsychological thesis.
08.10.2006Life in the cold.
08.09.2006The Press, France 1976, Dauphiné Libéré, Le Provençal, La Dépêche du Midi.
08.06.2006Survival of lichens after exposure to space conditions.
08.05.2006The Press, La Libre Belgique, 1947: July 5, July 8, July 9.
08.05.2006The Press, France, 1947: France Soir, Le Progrès, La France.
08.03.2006A to Z: Douglas MacArthur, Dr. J.C. Mackenzie, James McAshan.
08.02.2006Your reports: Luminous spot, Fast nocturnal lights, UFO film to sell, explained: Patrouille de France in the Lubéron.
07.31.2006UFOstupid: Aldrin just said he saw a UFO!.
07.31.2006Your reports: Nocturnal lights in Geneva, Fast nocturnal lights in Lens, Strange whistling sound, Nocturnal lights photographed.
07.30.2006Dave Chorley, 1991.
07.27.2006Roswell, witnesses, Ann Robbins.
07.26.2006Ghost traces of crop circles.
07.22.2006The year of Ummo.
07.22.2006The helicoid of Ummo.
07.18.2006Maurice Masse case in the Press: Le Provençal, Le Méridional, Journal-American, Washington Post.
07.17.2006The 1962 Press: Calgary Herald, New York Times, Buenos Aires Herald, La Razon, La Prensa.
07.16.2006"OVNI la fin du secret", a 1979 French book by Robert Roussel.
07.16.2006Your reports: Two colours disk, accelerates, Two disks pass between streetlamp and building, Lumières nocturnes, Nocturnal lights.
07.15.2006Your reports: Nocturnal lights and staring red eyes, Nocturnal lights, I have a picture of an alien, Nocturnal lights.
07.11.2006Maurice Masse case in the Press: Le Monde, Le Provençal, Le Méridional.
07.11.2006The 1965 Press: Colchester Gazette, Bratislava Pravda, Long Island Press.
07.10.2006The 1947 Press: Duluth News-Tribune, Providence Journal, The Colombian.
07.09.2006Born under a bad star: Wolf 424.
07.02.2006Your reports: La Réunion island 2005, Between Chatellerault and La Roche Posay, 2005, Grenoble 1995, Lost notes Togo 50's, Nocturnal circling light.
07.01.2006Astronaut and UFO, article review.
06.30.2006The 1950 Press: Farmington Daily Times, La Liberté de l'Est, Domenica del Corriere, Le Provençal.
06.29.2006A to Z: Wilfredo Arevalo, Walther Riedel, Thomas Townsend Brown.
06.28.2006Levelland 1957, by J. Allen Hynek.
06.28.2006Dropas: the Lolladoff plate.
06.26.2006David Gamon's Dzopa, 1978.
06.26.2006Dropa in UFO Nahrichten, 1964.
06.25.2006Orly 1956 in the Press: Le Méridional, New York Daily News, L'Express, New York Daily Telegraph, New York Herald Tribune, Le Figaro, New York Weekly Telegram.
06.24.2006A to Z: Rochford 1916, Washington 2002, William Denton.
06.23.2006A to Z: Lt.Col. Garrett, Gladys McCage, Poland airship scare of 1892.
06.22.2006The 1957 Press: UFO on Johannesburg, Radar UFOs in California, UFO in the Fiji Islands.
06.21.2006The West Freugh incident, 1957.
06.21.2006Le Provençal 1957: Mystérieux craft to the moon, West Freugh..
06.19.2006The Press: New York Times 1957
06.19.2006Your reports: Zigzag, France, 2006.
06.17.2006The Press: Little green men, cigar, balls, Hoax in Portugal.
06.16.2006Your reports: UFO and missing time 1965, The Zubzubs, Unusual shooting star?.
06.16.2006Your reports: Gleams, planes, triangle, Telepathic messages, Unusual cloud, BLURFO.
06.15.2006Your reports: After Falcon Lake, Africa 1996.
06.14.2006The Press: 21 Feb. 1956, Oct. 10, 1954, 22 Sep. 1954.
06.13.2006Doug Bower in his own words.
06.10.2006Crop circles in France in 2006.
06.09.2006The Return of the Nazi Saucers.
06.05.2006A to Z: L'amarante, Mrs. Zammit.
06.05.2006A to Z: William Blackburn, Oannes, Tully, Wambez, Zone of Terror.
06.05.2006A to Z: OINTS, Richard Sweed, Ulkt, Zhou Qingtong, Sha Yongkao.
06.04.2006Le Méridional 1952: July 25, June 21, July 8.
06.04.2006Le Méridional 1952: July 29, June 1, October 29.
06.03.2006UFO at Hanford, 1945?
06.02.2006Speyer foo fighter, 1944.
06.02.2006Blue Book case #1972.
06.01.2006Jupille-sur-Meuse, Dec. 12, 1989.
05.31.2006A to Z: Olden Moore, Spectra, Trans-en-Provence.
05.31.2006A to Z: L'Epine, Gilles Jobit, Ronald Reagan.
05.30.2006A to Z: Edmond Campagnac, Ross Weldon, Yokosuka creature.
05.29.2006A to Z: David Paladin, Sandling Park, Vladimir Sharanov.
05.28.2006A to Z: William Ferguson, Gerald Heard, Kappa, Frances Paschal Steiger.
05.24.2006Nodes explosions.
05.23.2006Crop circle documentary reviewed.
05.23.2006A to Z: Condign report.
05.23.2006The Bee, Milk Hill, June 25, 2004.
05.20.2006Foo Fighter, Truk island 1945.
05.20.2006Foo Fighter, Hagenau 1944.
05.19.2006IFOs: notched UFOs on video, a weird effect.
05.18.2006Condign Report: The UFO at Petit-Réchain.
05.18.2006Condign Report: UFOs that go bang!
05.16.2006Has anyone ever demonstrated that the complex crop circles can be created by men at night?
05.09.2006On the MoD's Condign report.
05.08.2006Noctilucent clouds.
05.08.2006UFO near Carcès, 1975.
05.08.2006Zuiderzee foo fighter, 1942.
05.06.2006The dead flies in crop circles mystery.
05.05.2006Apol's prophecy.
05.05.2006The Press: Le Provençal, Oct. 16, 1975, Le Parisien, Apr. 28, 1975, Le Dauphiné, Aug. 20, 1975, Le Provençal, May 7, 1975.
05.05.2006UFO in La Fère, France, 1954.
05.05.2006UFO in Montbard, France, 1975.
05.04.2006The story of Micheline G., France, 1950.
05.04.2006New on Alain Berard 1949 case.
05.04.2006Review of Susan Clancy's book by Stanton Friedman.
05.03.2006A natural explanation of the longer nodes of plants of crop circles.
05.02.2006UFO takes off in the Sarthe, 1977.
05.02.2006Gendarme stopped by UFO, La Réunion, 1976.
05.02.2006UFO near Vergaville, 1978.
05.01.2006Reports on the Orange-Caritat AFB 1951 sighting.
04.28.2006Some little known close encounters in Argentina.
04.27.2006A to Z: Prof. Robert Bieri, Georgia Bay, 1914, Dr. Cyril Ponnamperuma.
04.26.2006February 19, 1951, Mount Kilimandjaro, Africa.
04.26.2006All CE3 in France in 1954.
04.25.2006A to Z: Dr Pierre Guérin, Gu Ying, IFO, ICUR.
04.25.2006A to Z: John Gilligan, Hélène Giuliana, Ralph Lael, Tamaroa blackout, James Thornhill.
04.24.2006Aliens at the motel?
04.22.2006Post-Arnold early UFO ocvupants reports in France.
04.21.2006France 1954: Flavigny-sur-Ozerain, Effiat, Chatellerault, Fouesnant.
04.16.2006Are we alone, or..., by Michael Papagiannis.
04.16.2006A to Z: Vannevar Bush, Gaia, Norma Gardner, Florian Giabowski, R.F. Sensenbaugher.
04.15.2006A French flying saucer of sorts.
04.14.2006A to Z: Toshio Nakamura, Niteroi case, Noctilucent clouds, SETI, unexplained signalsWe Are Not Alone.
04.13.2006Comments for the author of "Why don't we see the aliens?".
04.11.2006French Press 1954: Perigord Moun Pais, Le Méridional, Midi Libre.
04.10.2006French Press 1954: Ouest France, La Quatrième République des Pyrénées, Le Haut-Marnais.
04.09.2006France 1954: Peronne, Xousse, Belfort, Usson-en-Forez, Loire.
04.08.2006Your reports: Ball of light, craft through telescope, Everything in green light, Ray, craft, silhouettes.
04.08.2006Your reports: Flying luminous box, , Nocturnal lights, Flash and trail of sparks.
04.08.2006Your reports: Fast nocturnal silvery ball, Nocturnal light, kid remembers UFO, meets alien and gets cured, power fails when trying to send UFO video.
04.06.2006The alleged alien autopsy fim: Ray Santilli confessions.
04.05.2006Belgium, Nov. 29, 1989, an early report.
04.05.2006Hudson Valley, I-684, July 19, 1984, John Dorazio.
04.04.2006Hudson Valley, Millford, March 24, 1983, Ed Burns.
04.04.2006Hudson Valley, New Castle, March 24, 1983, Andi Sadoff.
04.03.2006Hudson Valley, Brewster, March 17, 1983.
04.01.2006Belgium, October 25, 1993, evening, in the center of the Hainaut.
03.31.2006Belgium, May 17, 1991 in Braine l'Alleud.
03.24.2006French Press 1954: La Liberté, Oct. 12, Centre-Matin, Oct. 28.
03.23.2006French Press 1954: Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 18, Oct. 22.
03.23.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Sep. 23, Sep. 27, Oct. 2.
03.21.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 3, Le Méridional, Oct. 5.
03.19.2006French Press 1954: Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 21, Le Provençal, Sep. 30.
03.17.2006The Cash-Landrum case, reminded by Peter Gersten.
03.17.2006Near McDill, 1946.
03.17.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Sep. 30, Le Méridional, Oct. 4.
03.17.2006A to Z: Byurakam meeting, Lt.Col. Charles Cooke, Eugene Coquil, Lt.Col. Lou Corbin, Corning lecture, project Cyclop, Carl Friedrich Gauss.
03.16.2006The interview of Jacques Vallée by Marie-Thérèse de Brosses February 14, 2006, commented summary by Gildas Bourdais.
03.16.2006French Press 1954: Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 24.
03.15.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Oct. 1.
03.14.2006French Press 1954: Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 8.
03.12.2006French Press 1954: Le Populaire du Centre, Sep. 15, Le Monde, Oct. 1, Le Provencal, Oct. 4.
03.11.2006A to Z: Mr. Ed, commander C.P. Edwards, Lt. Col. George Edwards, Ken Edwards, Fred Emard, Lt. Bruce Englund, Col. B.M. Ettenson, Estimate of the Situation of 1948, Fernando Eustagio, Walter Evan-Wentz.
03.10.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Sep. 16, Le Méridional, Sep. 26, Le Provençal, Sep. 20, Le Provençal, Sep. 22.
03.10.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Aug. 27, Le Provençal, Oct. 9, Le Provençal, Aug. 27.
03.09.2006French Press 1954: La Voix du Périgord, Oct. 9, Le Provençal, Jan 8, Le Méridional, Oct. 6.
03.08.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Jan. 9, Le Provençal, June 4, Le Méridional, Apr. 12.
03.08.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, May 28, Le Provençal, May 29, Le Provençal, June 8.
03.07.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 11, La Charente Libre, Oct. 11, Le Midi Libre, Oct. 12.
03.06.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 12, Le Provençal, Oct. 13, Le Pays d'Auge Tribune, Dec. 31.
03.06.2006A to Z: J.J. Kalizkewski, Joseph E. Karth, Lt.Col. Oleg Kakaryakin, Wang Jianming, Dave Johnson.
03.06.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Oct. 13, Le Provençal, Oct. 13, Le Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 9.
03.05.2006The so-called landing of a Ummo spacecraft in Voronezh, USSR, 1989.
03.03.2006French Press 1954: Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 7, Le Provençal, Oct. 30, Le Provençal, Oct. 26.
03.03.2006French Press 1954: La Charente Libre, Oct. 18.
03.03.2006French Press 1954: Le Provencal, Oct. 19, Quotidien de la Haute-Loire, Oct. 26, Le Petit Maconnais, Oct. 29.
02.03.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 18, Le Provençal, Oct. 18, Le Provençal, Oct. 6, La Charente Libre, Oct. 5.
03.01.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 6, Le Provençal, Oct. 7, Le Provençal, Nov. 13.
02.28.2006French Press 1954: Le Provençal, Oct. 1, La Haute Marne Libérée, Oct. 18.
02.28.2006A to Z: Robert Dickerson, W.C. Dodds, Clyde Donahower, Unarius.
02.28.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Oct. 23, Le Provençal, Oct. 23, Le Provençal, Oct. 21.
02.27.2006French Press 1954: Le Méridional, Oct. 19, Le Méridional, Oct. 15, La Charente Libre, Oct. 5.
02.26.2006France 1954: Ollioules, Saint-Génies-de-Comolas, Yssingueaux, Le Provençal, Oct. 31, 1954, Vals-les-Bains, Cherré.
02.26.2006The Press, Le Provençal, Dec. 6, 1954, Journal du Centre, Oct. 29, 1954, Courrier de Saône-et-Loire, Oct. 30, 1954, Le Provençal, Nov. 5, 1954, Paris-Match, Oct. 23, 1954, Le Monde, Oct. 29, 1954.
02.26.2006France 1954: Vic-Bigorre, Marseilles, Toulouse, Apt.
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02.25.2006Roswell: Le Parisien Libéré, July 9, 1947.
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