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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, page 11, October 16, 1975.

U.F.O. or plane?
In the Var and on the Ventoux

Several residents of Saint Tropez worthy of faith were persuaded to have seen in a limpid sky, a large triangle formed by three luminous points close together. This same observation was made in the sky of Toulon. But for this observer, the U.F.O were only planes. "We were several to note that this formation of flying objects, coming from the East, and moving towards the West, were only planes flying by groups of three with their landing lights turned on. It is also the feeling of Mr. Crebelly, responsible person of the department of Var's Society for the Study of Space Phenomena.

LE VENTOUX. Suspense remains. A vauclusien stated to have seen a curious machine which would have landed at the Ventoux Mount. "The craft had the shape of a half-moon. It landed gently while making mud fly on ten meters in diameter. From a crack I saw, he says, a craft suddenly leave, which had the shape of a mailbox and which dove towards the ground. 30 seconds, I do not see anything more than one small red point very high in the sky". Mirage or U.F.O.? The question remains.

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