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UFOs in the daily Press:

The UFO phenomenon in the newspapers, a collection of newspaper articles reporting UFO observations or UFO related information, by local and national newspapers from all countries. These articles are linked from their respective dossier on this site. This page is to answer the claim "if UFOs existed, they would be in the newspaper." (Other sections of this site answer the claim "people believe in UFOs because of the newspapers.")

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YEARS 1970 TO 1979:

Le Journal de l'Ouest France, December 7, 1979 "The Sion UFO: new witnesses".
Sud Ouest France, December 6 1979 Franck Fontaine, continued.
Sud Ouest France, December 5, 1979 "The extraterrestrial adevnture of Franck Fontaine".
Sud Ouest France, December 4, 1979 "O.V.N.I. soit..."
Le Méridional France, December 3, 1979 "Annot: chased by a UFO".
Le Provençal France, December 3, 1979 "A 'ball of fire' on the road of the butcher of Annot".
Sud-Ouest France, November 29, 1979 "Abducting U.F.O.: The mystery deepens" - "U.F.O psychosis in Madrid".
Sud-Ouest France, November 28, 1979 "The young man abducted by a UFO is still looked for".
Sud-Ouest France, November 27, 1979 "A U.F.O. appears... a young man disappears".
Charleston News and Courier USA, November 17, 1979 "Charleston resident claims they've paid him a visit".
Sud Ouest France, November 14, 1979 "The Valencia U.F.Os - A mere technical failure?"
Sud Ouest France, November 13, 1979 "Four UFOs force a Caravelle to land in Valencia (Spain)".
Sud Ouest France, September 4, 1979 "Sheriff encounters... a U.F.O.".
Le Méridional France, November 13, 1979 "Spain: Four UFOs force a plane to land".
Sud Ouest France, April 12, 1979 "U.F.O. near Semussac".
La Presse Canada, May 26, 1979 "The UFO pictures were genuine".
Le Midi Libre France, March 30, 1979 "A UFO in the sky of Béziers".
Sud Ouest France, March 24, 1979 "In Cercoux a UFO in the sky".
La Presse Canada, March 3, 1979 "Three meters tall men (Brazil)".
Le Midi Libre France, February 5, 1979 "UFO above Montpellier".
Le Méridional France, January 17, 1979 "Extraterrestrials out of aluminium reported in Argentina".
Le Provençal France, January 15, 1979 "The United States Air Force said to have shot down UFOs".
Le Méridional France, January 2, 1979 "End of year UFOs..."
New York Times USA, January 1, 1979 "CIA papers detail UFO surveillance", results of the lawsuit against CIA by Ground Saucer Watch.
Le Méridional France, December 31, 1978 "U.F.O's in the sky of Bulgaria".
ABC Spain, December 9, 1978 "According to ufologists in Olivares, UFOs haunt the sky of the Aljarefe".
The Register USA, November 30, 1978 "Two women report UFO".
ABC Spain, November 28, 1978 "The extraterrestrials may return", a report about a UFO conference in Spain.
Le Méridional France, November 28, 1978 "Argentina: a UFO... does the show".
Le Méridional France, November 13, 1978 "A UFO lands in Kuwait".
La Presse Canada, November 4, 1978 "Abducted by aliens, he now has six nipples".
The Boston Globe USA, October 29, 1978 "Sunday People".
Daily colonist Canada, October 28, 1978 "Mystery 'UFO' case details soon - friend".
The Nugget Canada, October 28, 1978 "Officer watches UFO for an hour".
Daily colonist Canada, October 25, 1978 "Aliens got him - dad".
Daily Colonist USA, October 24, 1978 "Strange lights' seen over state are unexplained".
The World Canada, October 24, 1978 "'It's coming for me right now...'".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, October 11, 1978 "A UFO over Strasbourg?"
Sud Ouest France, July 20, 1978 "Not one U.F.O. but four in the Bigourdan sky".
Le Méridional France, July 19, 1978 "Flotilla of U.F.O. in the sky of Tarbes".
Le Méridional France, July 15, 1978 "The station master awaited a train: it was a "UFO"..."
Le Parisien France, June 23, 1978 "UFO in Valparaiso"
Le Parisien France, June 20, 1978 "A UFO in the Gironde sky"
International Herald Tribune USA, May 18, 1978 "Flying object baffles computer with maneuvers in Florida sky".
Le Méridional France, May 17, 1978 "Argentina: New flotilla of UFOs".
Nice-Matin France, May 17, 1978 "Remains of an UFO sought in Bolivia".
ABC Spain, May 14, 1978 "Five UFOs cruised above Ayamonte".
Le Méridional France, May 2, 1978 "A U.F.O. in the sky of the Vaucluse".
Le Méridional France, April 30, 1978 "Thursday's UFO: residents of Avignon saw it".
Le Méridional France, April 29, 1978 "A UFO in the sky of the Gard".
L'Alsace France, March 4, 1978 "UFO here, UFO there..."
L'Alsace France, February 25, 1978 "A UFO last evening in Bourtzwiller?"
L'Alsace France, February 19, 1978 "Four Alsatian young people on the road of Langres, when suddenly, a UFO..."
L'Alsace France, February 15, 1978 "A UFO in Bourtzwiller?"
La Nouvelle République France, February 13, 1978 "Flying saucers a gogo".
Kentucky Post USA, February 6, 1978 "Humming UFO sighted by family above Verona".
Le Méridional France, January 26, 1978 "U.F.O. from fiction... to reality?"
Le Méridional France, January 13, 1978 "UFOs are back".
Le Provençal France, January 13, 1978 "UFOs in the sky of Meyrargues?"
Le Provençal France, January 13, 1978 "UFOs again the Provence".
Le Provençal France, January 8, 1978 "A U.F.O. in the sky of Orange".
Le Provençal France, January 7, 1978 "The UFO... be".
Le Provençal France, January 7, 1978 "As if the moon wandered in the small valley of Gordes".
Le Provençal France, January 6, 1978 "A UFO above the Barroux".
Le Provençal France, January 5, 1978 "Two more UFOs above Bonnieux".
Le Provençal France, January 5, 1978 "These strange objects which come from the sky".
Le Provençal France, January 5, 1978 "UFO in the country of Apt? Numerous people saw them..."
Le Méridional France, January 4, 1978 "U.F.O in the Vaucluse".
L'Alsace France, December 14, 1977 "In the sky of Moernach: a UFO".
Sud Ouest France, November 28, 1977 "The flying saucers could be just swarms of insects".
Sud Ouest France, November 28, 1977 "A U.F.O. on TV".
A Luta Brazil, November 23, 1977 "A 'UFO' disturbs a Portuguese boat".
Zero Hora Brazil, October 19, 1977 "UFO".
Le Provencal France, September 28, 1977 "U.F.O. on Istres?"
Le Parisien France, September 21, 1977 "Scheduled UFO in the Spanish sky - Auscultate by an extraterrestrial".
La Presse Canada, September 20, 1977 "Auscultate by an extraterrestrial".
Le Parisien France, September 12, 1977 "U.F.O. on Saint-Germain and above Chad".
Le Provencal France, September 8, 1977 "Who saw the UFO?".
Le Parisien France, September 3, 1977 "France studied the UFO phenomenon for 23 years".
O Dia Brazil, September 2, 1977 "A flying saucer photographed by the police".
Le Provençal France, August 27, 1977 "Thirty years ago the flying saucers".
Le Parisien France, August 18, 1977 "Again a UFO".
Le Parisien France, August 17, 1977 "A UFO in the sky of the Jura".
Le Parisien Libéré France, August 15, 1977 "UFO in the sky of Alsace".
Correio Braziliense Brazil, August 7, 1977 "Discs are seen in Núcleo".
Diario La Regiaõ Brazil, August 3, 1977 "Road policeman also saw the flying saucer".
Le Provençal France, August 2, 1977 "Madagascar: the search for the "meteorites" is still on".
Le Parisien France, July 26, 1977 "A UFO in Spain".
Le Provençal France, July 25, 1977 "UFO's in the Gard?"
Le Provençal France, July 16, 1977 "Only the ponies saw the UFO".
Daily Mail U-K., July 15, 1977 "Flying saucer".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, July 8, 1977 "A UFO in the sky of Haut-Rhin?"
La Dépêche du Midi France, June 3, 1977 "Three years later, a resident of the Gers claims: "My car was stopped by an alien near Nogaro"".
Le Provençal France, May 28, 1977 "A UFO in the countryside of Aix?".
Le Provençal France, May 18, 1977 "Abducted by a UFO during 15 minutes a Chilean corporal comes back with a 3 days beard".
Daily Mirror U-K., May 3, 1977 Jimmy Carter.
Montréal-Matin Canada, April 8, 1977 "A saucer is said to have landed in Sainte-Dorothée".
The Victorian Canada, April 6, 1977 "Enthusiasts see light".
Midi Libre France, March 24, 1977 "Missed appointment for the U.F.O safari".
Los Angeles Times France, March 23, 1977 "Unexplained lights seen racing over South Los Angeles".
Daily Colonist Canada, March 16, 1977 "UFO 'invasion' continues".
Daily Colonist Canada, March 13, 1977 "Saucer over Saanich".
Daily Colonist Canada, March 11, 1977 "Hydro lines fuelling saucers - UFO expert".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, February 8, 1977 "A UFO in the sky of Alsace".
Le Provençal France, February 5, 1977 "Flying saucer in the sky of Eyrargues".
Toppenish Review USA, January 26, 1977 "Harrah youth reports UFOs with 'greenish creatures'".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, January 18, 1977 "A ball of fire in the sky".
Le Petit Journal Canada, January 15, 1977 "She saw a flying saucer and two 'space beings' on the opposite roof".
L'Alsace France, October 10, 1976 "A UFO in Brunstatt?"
Le Dauphiné Libéré France, September 29, 1976 "A 'sound and light' U.F.O observed close to Saint-Marcellin (the Isère)".
L'Alsace France, September 17, 1976 "A UFO in the sky of Mulhouse?"
Midi Libre France, August 25, 1976 "Followed by a UFO".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, August 24, 1976 "A UFO of changing shapes".
La Dépêche du Midi France, July 25, 1976 "A farmer taken into the beams of a UFO".
O Noticia Brazil, July 19, 1976 "A woman and 4 men in the skies on board a flying disc."
Le Dauphiné Libéré France, July 12, 1976 "U.F.O. - What happened on last June 11th on the R.N. 531 close to Bourg-de-Péage?"
Le Journal de Saône-et-Loire France, July 1, 1976 "A farmer form La Guiche witness with five other people of strange 'appearances'".
La Dépêche du Midi France, June 21, 1976 "U.F.O. in Larique-Timbaut!"
La Montagne France, June 19, 1976 "The earthly flying saucer in year 2000?" and "In a barley field?"
Le Provençal France, June 9, 1976 "May 16 a U.F.O. landed on a small island of the Durance!".
Argus USA, June 3, 1976 "Whatever "They" are, they are still around here".
Le Provençal France, June 1, 1976 "Three residents of Orange saw a UFO on May 15 at 11:30 p.m.".
O Progresso Brazil, May 29, 1976 "An unidentified flying object seen above Tanac".
The Province Canada, April 12, 1976 "'Something's up there, by George!'".
Le Dauphiné Libéré France, March 24, 1976 "A car driver panicked at the sight of a 'luminous cigar'".
Correo de Andalucia Spain, January 30, 1976 "The mystery of the case of the "UFO" that attacked a youth of Benacazon continues".
Le Dauphiné Libéré France, January 27, 1976 "A UFO large 'like a house' landed near Uriage".
Le Provençal France, November 20, 1975 "A UFO inBollène".
L'Alsace France, Novembwr 8 1975 "A flying saucer in Merxheim?".
Le Provençal France, October 16, 1975 "UFO or plane? In the Var and on the Ventoux".
Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, September 28, 1975 A UFO in the sky of Colmar?
Le Télégramme de Brest France, September 3, 1975 A gleam in Pont-du-Buis.
Le Dauphiné France, August 20, 1975 "U.F.O in Villeneuve-Loubet".
Le Dauphiné France, August 19, 1975 "A U.F.O. chases three inhabitants of the Haute-Marne!"
Novedades Mexicoe, August 1, 1975 "Third luminous object in the northern sky of Veracruz".
Le Provençal France, May 7, 1975 "The saucer of Orly said to have disintegrated when hitting the ground!" (meteor).
Le Parisien France, April 28, 1975 "Several U.F.O." (meteors).
Timmins Daily Press Canada, April 12, 1975 "Growing science challenge: UFO's".
Le Provençal France, February 25, 1975 "A U.F.O. in the sky of the Vaucluse".
Le Provençal France, February 18, 1975 "Luminous objects in the sky of Martigues".
L'Alsace France, February 16, 1975 "A UFO in the sky of Landser?"
Le Midi Libre France, December 8, 1974 "A new UFO observed in the sky of the Languedoc".
Daily Star Canada, October 22, 1974 "RCMP Saw Three UFOs over Rockies".
France Soir France, October 12, 1974 "The pope's saucers".
Le Télégramme de Brest France, October 6, 1974 "In the middle of the night, in Riec-sur-Belon, a family sees three luminous silhouettes descending from a saucer with red port-holes...".
The Star Phoenix Canada, September 27, 1974 "Martensville constable, wife see UFO; controllers skeptical".
The Star Phoenix Canada, September 10, 1974 "Saucer sighted, no hoax - RCMP".
L'Yonne Républicaine France, August 31, 1974 "A U.F.O. in the sky of Cheny?"
Le Provençal France, August 17, 1974 "A U.F.O. in the sky of Orange, two in the Isère".
La Dépêche du Midi France, August 14, 1974 "Tulle: U.F.O were seen by school kids".
Midi Libre France, August 13, 1975 "Perhaps allured by the charm of the Rouergue a "U.F.O" flew over Salles-la-Source!".
Sud-Ouest France, August 11, 1974 "Flotilla of UFOS above the Vercors".
L'Ardennais France, August 5, 1974 "A lacrymogene UFO".
Le Provençal France, July 12, 1974 "A mysterious phenomenon melted the roof of a house".
Var-Matin France, July 10, 1974 "A UFO".
The Mercury Australia, June 17, 1974 UFOs and intercontinental ballistic missiles.
Var-Matin République France, June 16, 1974 "Luminous phenomenon in the sky of the department of Var".
La Voix du Nord France, May 22, 1974 "Two UFOs in the sky of Bertangle".
L'Ardennais France, April 20, 1974 "U.F.O.'s in Burgundy".
Le Provencal France, March 31, 1974 "A 'flying saucer' filmed for the first time by a television camera".
La Voix du Nord France, March 23, 1974 "A UFO in the sky of Arques?".
La Voix du Nord France, March 20, 1974 "Four people observed a UFO during 90 minutes".
La Voix du Nord France, March 19, 1974 "A UFO in the sky of Marcq-en-Barceul?"
Le Parisien Libéré France, March 9, 1974 "In short".
Le Parisien Libéré France, March 8, 1974 "U.F.O's here and there".
Var-Matin République France, March 8, 1974 "The UFO observed by "Concorde" was a OESNI".
France Soir France, March 7, 1974 "U.F.O. seen by two witnesses in the Pas-de-Calais".
L'Echo d'Enghien France, March 7, 1974 "UFO in the sky of Montmorency?"
Var-Matin République France, March 3, 1974 "Mysterious object flying in the sky of Draguignan".
L'Ardennais France, March 1, 1974 "U.F.O's in the sky - They were seen by the mayor and police officers".
Midi Libre France, February 27, 1974 "UFO's a go go".
Var Matin - République France, February 27, 1974 "In the Aude, reinforcements of gendarmerie to track the UFOs".
Midi Libre France, February 26, 1974 "The gendarmes were alerted in time to observe the object which measured "two tractors in height"".
L'Ardennais France, February 22, 1974 "U.F.O's: a "problem" for the Secretary of the Armies".
France Soir France, Febuary 18, 1974 "'Cigar' in the sky of the Nièvre - Even the policemen saw it".
Var Matin - République France, February 17, 1974 "A balloon discovered close to Le Cannet... But it cannot be the object seen in the sky Sunday at 6 p.m.".
Var Matin - République France, February 12, 1974 "Curious object in the sky of Draguignan, Sunday at 6 p.m.".
L'Ardennais France, February 6, 1974 "A UFO on the town?"
Var Matin - République France, February 1, 1974 "The secrecy of the "flying saucer" photographed by "Concorde" was kept for seven months".
Le Parisien Libéré France, January 25, 1974 "UFO in the sky of Denain".
Var Matin - République France, January 13, 1974 "A 'flying saucer' in the sky of the Yvelines".
Le Parisien Libéré France, January 11, 1974 "U.F.O's in the sky of the North".
Le Provençal France, January 10, 1974 "Unidentified flying object in the sky of the Lubéron".
L'Ardennais France, January 2, 1974 "UFOs invade the French skies".
Var Matin - République France, January 2, 1974 "'Flying saucers' again".
Peoples Defender USA, December 27, 1973 "Plane thought to be down in county".
L'Ardennais France, December 17, 1973 "Flying saucer in the sky of the Charente (?)".
L'Ardennais France, December 14, 1973 "A flying saucer again".
Le Provençal France, December 10, 1973 "Flying saucers in Italy and in Austria".
Le Provençal France, December 9, 1973 "A "flying saucer" on the beach of the Channel?"
Midi Libre France, December 7, 1973 "Was it a flying saucer?".
San Diego Register USA, December 5, 1973 A UFO with a dome and four legs was seen.
Le Provençal France, December 3, 1973 "The return of the "flying saucers"".
The Mansfield News Journal USA, November 4, 1973 "Incident named after pilot", the Coyne incident.
Lake County Life USA, November 1, 1973 Observation reported by a pilot.
Crescent News USA, October 26, 1973 "UFOs visit Hawaii".
Crescent News USA, October 22, 1973 "'Erratic Lights' reported in Hicksville".
Columbus Citizen Journal USA, October 19, 1973 "Post employee sees UFO trio".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 19, 1973 "UFO reports and pranks continuing".
Huron Daily Tribune USA, October 19, 1973 "UFO sightings continue".
Columbus Citizen Journal USA, October 18, 1973 "Sky-gazer sees probability of extraterrestrial life".
The Clermont Sun USA, October 18, 1973 "It's a Bird! It's A plane! It's... Reports of strange objects in the sky flood in to Clermont Sheriff's office".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 18, 1973 "Fewer UFOs seen here".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 18, 1973 "Police say some UFO's are balloons with candles".
The People's Defender USA, October 18, 1973 "County law officers disclose UFO sighting near West Union".
The News-Democrat USA, October 18, 1973 UFO report.
Columbus Citizen Journal USA, October 17, 1973 "Ohioans report dozens of UFOs".
Columbus Citizen Journal USA, October 17, 1973 "UFO spotted in West Virginia".
The Crescent News USA, October 17, 1973 "UFO observations on the rise:" observations in South Central US, including the Pascagoula encounter.
Cincinnati Post USA, October 17, 1973 "World's buzzing with UFO talk".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 17, 1973 "Lighted ball spotted in Brown county".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 17, 1973 "The world's buzzing with UFO talk".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 17, 1973 "Sivery creatures".
Schenectady Gazette USA, October 17, 1973 "Gloversville, N.Y.".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 16, 1973 "Ohio countryside swarms with UFOs".
Crescent News USA, October 16, 1973 "UFO 'attacks' cruiser".
Huron Daily Tribune USA, October 16, 1973 "UFO blamed for having killed Ohio cows".
Cincinnati Enquirer USA, October 15, 1973 "Mystery objects soar for observers In area".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 15, 1973 "Test points to truth of UFO report".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 13, 1973 "Patrolman asks day off after glimpse of UFO".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 13, 1973 "Men say they were taken aboard spaceship".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 12, 1973 "What's up? Lights in sky are puzzle".
The Columbus Dispatch USA, October 12, 1973 "UFO reports precede boom".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 11, 1973 "Switchboard lights up for UFO reports".
Columbus Dispatch USA, October 11, 1973 "15 Sightings of UFOs reported near Dayton".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 11, 1973 "UFOs sighted in Dayton area".
The Derry News USA, October 11, 1973 "UFO divers strike out".
The Columbus Dispatch USA, October 10, 1973 "2 UFOs reported over U.S.".
Mobile Register USA, October 9, 1973 "Forrest constable chases UFO through two counties".
Schenectady Gazette USA, October 8, 1973 UFO observation.
The Columbus Citizen USA, October 6, 1973 "Flying-object rage has spread to Ohio".
The Cincinnati Post USA, October 6, 1973 "UFO visits Connersville".
The Columbus Dispatch USA, October 5, 1973 "Truck driver blinded scientist investigates reported UFO attack".
Cincinnati Post USA, October 5, 1973 "For sale: Slightly used UFO; needs new candle".
Schenectady Gazette USA, October 4, 1973 UFO sighting.
The Derry News USA, October 4, 1973 "UFO sighting unexplained".
The Crescent News USA, October 4, 1973 "Ranger 'sure' of UFO".
The Crescent News USA, October 2, 1973 "Woman sees UFO".
The Cincinnatti Post USA, October 1, 1973 "More than 20 UFOs reported in Tennessee".
La Semaine dans le Boulonnais France, October 1973 "A UFO in Boulonnais?"
La Voix du Nord France, September 11, 1973 "Two U.F.O. observed near Maubeuge".
Cincinnati Post USA, August 30, 1973 Top Secret boom rattles Cincinnati.
Le Figaro France, March 19, 1973 "A plea for the Unidentified Flying Objects".
Ouest-France France, March 19, 1973 "The symposium of Quimper on the unidentified flying objects".
Le Télégramme de Brest France, March 19, 1973 "400 participants in Quimper at the first National Symposium on the Unidentified Flying Objects".
Globe Democrat USA, March 18, 1973 March 11 sighting.
State Columbia USA, February 27, 1973 "You might not believe this, and officially they don't exist, but...".
Times Tri City Daily USA, February 18, 1973 Lexington, Alabama.
Nice Matin France, 1973 A French reporter investigates UFOs and writes about it in a major French local newspaper.
Le Progrès France, November 4, 1972 "A Jurassic pisciculturist believed he was threatened by a mysterious flying object at the foot of the cascades of the Hérisson".
Le Parisien France, June 23 1972 "UFO in Valparaiso".
L'Aurore France, March 21, 1972 UFO in the Eure, or helicopter and/or tractor.
Le Parisien France, June 20, 1972 "A UFO in the sky of the Gironde".
L'Alsace France, May 12, 1972 "UFOs in the sky of Rouffach?"
Le Méridional France, February 17, 1972 "Unidentified flying object in the Ardèche".
Ouest-France France, January 5, 1972 UFO in Plemet, France.
L'Alsace France, April 26, 1970 "Still the flying saucers".
L'Alsace France, April 25, 1970 "The flying saucer (Continued)".
L'Alsace France, April 24, 1970 "Again a witness".
L'Alsace France, April 23, 1970 "He saw it too".

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