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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, page 5, on February 26, 1974.


The gendarmes were alerted in time to observe the object which measured "two tractors in height"

Carcassonne. -- A farmer of Montreal (the Aude), Mr. Louis Calmet, owner of the field of Gatète, observed Sunday evening at approximately 10 p.m. - and for the third time in one week - strange luminous phenomena on a hill overhanging its farm within 500 meters of distance.

But it was not the only one. The phenomenon was slow enough so that he could go to observe it with his son within 200 meters of distance, come back, and go get the gendarmerie officers.

When the two gendarmes arrived on the location, two luminous balls still illuminated this part of the plain of Maleterre from which they moved away at near-ground altitude. They do not draw any conclusion from it. But the gendarmerie opened a big investigation.

The "UFO hill" as it is already called by the inhabitants of Montreal, was carefully explored by a group of auxiliary gendarmes and specialists in radioactivity detection devices.

No trace of any prankster, in spite of the muddy ground, no trace unspecified machine, phenomenon of heat, nothing. What confirms the abnormal character of the luminous phenomenon. It should be noted that the radar of the base of the marine of Lansette did not detect anything.

As in full daylight

Mr. Calmet and his son Jean-Paul, high-school, pupil 17 year old, approached " the indefinable thing " at a distance which they estimate as of approximately 200 meters.

From there, the object seemed to measure 1 meter what makes Mr. Calmet say that it was to measure "two tractors high." The thing appeared as two luminous balls emitting an intense light, surmounted each one of a kind of phosphorescent antenna. Father and son could make a relatively precise drawing of it.

The gendarmes could not distinguish what resembles an antenna for "the thing", at the time from their arrival, had "scraped" of one kilometer towards the west, still moving horizontally. The two balls floated at a level close to the ground very slowly or at a tremendous speed. They deviated sometimes one from the other or were superimposed. Then, only one of them was seen.

The testimony of Mr. Calmet, judged as a model of balance and seriousness by the mayor of Montreal and all the population, holds a great value, just like that of the two sworn in gendarmes.

Mrs. Calmet, from the farm, also observed the luminous phenomenon "the house was enlightened almost as in full daylight, or like an extremely powerful projector" she said.

The previous Sunday around 8 p.m., the inhabitants of a nearby farm had observed, but from much farther, a similar appearance. It was raining. They thought of lovers wandering around or a poacher. The luminous halation briefly appeared Thursday around 8 p.m. observed again by the Calmet family and Mr. Bréchet.

The U.F.O., thus - if U.F.O. there is - appeared three times in one week. Nothing however, in the current state of the investigation, can logically explain the phenomenon observed in all by eight people all worthy of confidence.

Alès: again a strange luminous ball

Alès. -- Again a strange phenomenon observed close to Alès: Saturday around 8 p.m. in Deaux, three employees of the establishment "Rock'n'Roll" had their attention drawn by a luminous ball, moving in the sky in the direction of the north.

This object emitted a blue color at regular intervals. Very oddly, the blue ball disappeared from the sight of the observers to re-appear a few seconds later, following a trajectory at right angle, compared to the first, i.e. directed towards the west.

One loses oneself in conjectures about the nature of this phenomenon.

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