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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provençal, édition du Vaucluse, page 2, on November 20, 1975.

A UFO in Bollène

Who saw it?

It was 06:55, Tuesday November 18, Miss C.P. and her father were driving by car in the surroundings of Saint-Pierre when they saw above top of the mountains of Ardeche a large orange red sphere which went down rather quickly and perfectly vertical. Its contour was very clear and its color uniform and blinding. That morning, although the weather was gray, the visibility was very good and the apparatus was well seen.

According to descriptions of the witnesses, who saw the phenomenon during more than one minute, while trying to record the most details, the apparatus which evolved at this time there can see its diameter evaluated as of 360 meters (which is huge).

After the apparatus had disappeared (hidden by the mountains), a strong orange luminosity persisted on the top of those mounts, this during more than 5 minutes.

If other people were witnesses of this phenomenon, it would be interesting that they communicate it to allow the explanation of this observation, to the C.E. Ouranos, J.-P. Troadec, 28 avenue Henri Fabre, Orange, Phone: 34.24.21.

Important: it has been noted that the UFO phenomenon often appears above geological faults and this one precisely extended above a fault extending on kilometers in the direction of the North-West.

Note: may have been the red moon.

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