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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Midi Libre, France, page D1, on March 24, 1977.

Missed appointment for the U.F.O safari

Montpellier. -- The U.F.O.'s occupants are undoubtedly facetious and puzzling beings. They never come when you call them At rendez-vous in a precise places that earthlings give them. They prefer the unexpected appearances. that still proved right last Saturday at the occasion of the observation evening organized in the three areas of the Large Delta, the Rhone-Alps, Provence-Riviera and Languedoc-Roussillon by the ufological groups.

Ufology, not to be confused with ecology, is the still stammering study of the space phenomena. You can immediately see that the sphere of activity of this very new science is not limited to the natural parks. Ufologists do not grow trees to fight angainst the invasion of concrete buildings. With the faith of the pioneers and the ardour of the discoverers, they endeavour to meet, by thought at least, our mysterious visitors.

Saturday evening those of them who had been bravely posted in Sète, the Peak Saint-Loup, Nimes and Alès, armed with binoculars, photograph camaera and coffee thermos flask, were disappointed. Not the least small red gleam, not the least tip of orange cigar in the clouded sky, black like ink as would write an author with seriously weakened imagination. Nothing either in the area of Nice.

No U.F.O in a hopelessly uniform and dead sky. Nothing to report either in the Rhone-Alps area. A flop, that is!

And then, the informed observers having returned on their premises to recover from their black night, the U.F.O.'s made their appearance with 24 hours of delay on the appointment. At 08:45 p.m., two witnesses saw at the peak Saint-Loup "a ball of amber light which moved slowly." It was closely accompanied by a luminous point, like the sharks are followed by smaller fishes. Appearance also, Sunday evening also. Close to Dijon and in the Belleville-on-Saone. In this locality, there were twenty witnesses. We are being told that the Beaujolais wine has nothing to do with it.

The lesson is: if you want to see U.F.O's the best yet is to act with indifference. If the trick works out, do not forget to let it know to the Palmos group, 1 street Parler, phone 32-26-40 in Montpellier, or the Veronica Group, 3 street Folce de Baroncelli, phone 63-03-37 in Nimes. They await your testimonys.

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