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This article was published in the daily newspaper The Daily Mirror, U-K., on May 3, 1977.

President Jimmy Carter has joined the ranks of UFO spotters. He sent in two written reports stating he had seen a flying saucer when he was the Governor of Georgia.

The President has shrugged off the incident since then, perhaps fearing that electors might be wary of a flying saucer freak.

But he was reported as saying after the "sighting"; "I don't laugh at people any more when they say they've seen UFOs because I've seen one myself."

Carter described his UFO like this: "Luminous, not solid, at first bluish, then seemed to move towards us from a distance, stopped, then moved partially away."

Carter filed two reports on the sighting in 1973, one to the International UFO Bureau and the other to the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena.

Heydon Hewes, who directs the International UFO Bureau from his home in Oklahoma City, is making speeches praising the President's "open-mindedness."

But during his presidential campaign last year Carter was cautious. He admitted he had seen a light in the sky but declined to call it a UFO.

He joked: "I think it was a light beckoning me to run in the California primary election."

Jimmy Carter's report form to NICAP is here.

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