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Nahon, Alfred

Psychologist, philosopher and graphologist, Alfred Nahon (1911-1990), native of Toulon in France but resident in Lausanne in Switzerland, joins in 1953 with the one of the first French group interested in UFOs, Commission Internationale Ouranos, with the science fiction writer Jimmy Guieu, the journalist Charles Garreau, the amateur astronomer Raymond Veillith inter alia. He voiced very early his opinion that the saucers are interplanetary and came because of our dangerous atomic tests. He found the Association Mondiale Interplanétaire (World Interplanetary Association) and tries without success to get the membership of the pseudo-contactee Adamski. Up to 1970, he is the editor of the ufological bulletin Le Courier Interplanétaire (the Interplanetary Mail) of the Association Mondiale Interplanétaire whose Marc Thirouin is the president for the French section. He is the author of several books among which "La Lune et ses défis à la science" which defends the thesis of an extraterrestrial presence on the moon and "Les Extra-Terrestres et les mutations mondiales de l'ère du verseau."

Nakamura, Toshio, Lt.Col.

In June 1974 Lieutenant-Colonel Toshio Nakamura and Major Shiro Kubuta were flying an F-4EJ Phantom jet fighter on what they were first told was a mission to intercept a Soviet bomber. But once airborne they were informed that they were in fact being scrambled to check on reports of a bright colored UFO that had been visually observed and radar-tracked. At 30,000 feet, they encountered a red disc-like object which Major Kubuta said was "made and flown by intelligent beings." Apparently aware of them, the UFO maneuvered around the plane, forcing Nakamura to make violent dives and turns. This dogfight continued for some considerable time. A disaster occurred: the apparently UFO hit the jet which crashed. Both Nakamura and Kubuta ejected but unfortunately Nakamura's parachute caught fire and he died.

Namur, photographs

At 07:30 p.m. on June 5, 1977, Mr. Muyldermans, amateur photographer, took three photographs an extraterrestrial craft from car near Namur, Belgium. Studies of the photograph indicate that the object was probably some thirty-six feet wide and about a mile high. The photographs achieved considerable fame at the time though no firm conclusion could be drawn from them.


US Navy acronyme for Naval Air Station.


The National Aeronautic and Space Administration. NASA was established in 1958 to co-ordinate and direct aeronautical and space research program in the United States. NASA is a civilian agency but cooperates with CIA, NSA, NRO and other agencies. Because of the sensitive aspects of several NASA research projects, many of its personnel have high security clearances owing. Among of these programs, some conspirationists argue that at least one involves research into the UFO phenomena.


The National Investigations Commitee on Aerial Phenomena is one of the first private organization devoted to UFO research in the US. It was founded by scientist Thomas Townsend-Brown followed by retired Major Donald E. Keyhoe, retired from the US Navy air forces. The now defunct UFO investigative group was composed of scientists, pilots, journalists, former military people, etc. and based in Washington.

Niteroi case

Following a report of a UFO landing on a hill near Niteroi, a suburb of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, police found the corpses of two dead men with their faces covered with lead masks. They found some notes indicating that the men were preparing to make contact with the occupants of a UFO but that somehow the contact went badly wrong. Laboratory analysis indicated no obvious cause of death, having ruled out poison, violence or asphyxiation. The police investigation was supervised by Inspector Jose Venancio Bittencourt of the Rio de Janeiro police force and the affair entered ufology litterature via French ufologist Jacques Vallée's book "Confrontations."

Noctilucent clouds

Noctilucent clouds are made up of ice and particles in the upper atmosphere that get visible at dawn or dusk because the sun's rays illuminate them, causing them to appear as strange luminous masses, with orange, pink or red hue.

They are very rarely reported as possible UFO by witnesses that are puzzled because of their nature but as they are clouds, they are quickly identified as such by experienced ufologists.

See here for more information and photographs.

Nocturnal light

See Hynek Classification System.


North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD was established to protect the North American continent from any sort of attack from the air, but mainly Soviet nuclear strikes.

Noyes, Ralph

Ralph Noyes spent most of his childhood in the West Indies. He served in the RAF from 1940 to 1946 and engaged in active service in North Africa and the Far East. He entered the civil service in 1949 and served in the Air Ministry and subsequently the unified Ministry of Defense, and headed the department of the British Ministry of Defence dealing with UFO reports until 1972. During his 28 years in the MoD he encountered several puzzling reports, particularly those from military establishments, which indicated high strangeness, but while he and his colleagues had little doubt something had taken place for which they had no explanation, such as the Bentwaters - Lakenheath radar visual case in 1956, they did not thought that extraterrestrials might be a cause, as they "suspected Russians, faulty radar, hallucinogens..." and ended trying to ignore the problem, as it was a ridiculed topic. After leaving Defense in 1977, he became more seriously interested in UFO matters, and among other cases, he investigated the Rendlesham forest incident and criticized his Government for trying to keep secrecy on UFOs. He then became an active UFO investigator and consultant for the British UFO Research Association (BUFORA).


National Reconnaissance Office (or National Recon Organization). The task of NRO is to monitor and oversee international communications and the operation of the nations spy satellite system. NRO is a classified top secret intelligence agency with a budget of over $2 billion a year. It is also believed to be responsible for security for all ET- or ET craft- connected projects.


National Security Agency. NSA is the worlds largest eavesdropping agency and was founded in 1952 under President Truman. The NSA is based at Fort George Meade, Maryland. The address is 9800 Savage Road, Fort George G. Meade, MD 20755-6000. In the 1,000 acre building, the NSA has its own college with over 20,000 students, television station with studio, its own power station, and a total of 50,000 personnel. The NSA is the single largest employer in Anne Arundel County and one of the largest in the state of Maryland. It is also believed to be the largest employer of mathematicians in the world. The NSA is divided in ten main departments. Four Operational Divisions, One training unit, Five Staff and Support Sections. The communication section of the NSA is COMINT (COMunications INTelligence). There are many documents the NSA refuses to release, but CAUS has managed to obtain some of them that dealt with UFO matters.


The National Sighting Research Center. NSRC is a non-profit organization were six part-time researchers work. The researchers are specialized in DBMS (microcomputer-based data base management systems) micro telecommunications, statistical analysis, and trend analysis. NSRC gathers all forms UFO data and publishes it in computerized reports which are provided at their data base for professional ufologists. They have published the National Sighting Yearbook since 1988. Contact NSCRs Co. Director Bob Sylvester at the address: P.O. Box 76, Emerson, New Jersey 07630.

Nuremberg 1561

An aerial battle of numerous ufos is reported by the shocked citizens of Nurnberg, now Nuremberg, Germany, 1561.


Formed in 1973, the Northern UFO Network or NUFON was a loose federation of local UFO groups throughout northern England. At the peak about 20 groups were members. A small newsletter called Northern UFO News was published by the group. Although the federation of groups no longer exists, Northern UFO News was continued by ufologist Jenny Randles.

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