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UFOs A to Z: K.

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Kalizkewski, J. J.

J. J. Kalizkewski was working for the Navy on cosmic ray study in 1951 at Minneapolis. He and another engineer were flying near Minneapolis to examine a cosmic ray research balloon in the sky. Suddenly they saw a bright UFO moving at terrific speed crossing their plane's path. It slowed for a short time, circled, and then accelerated away towards the east. A few minutes later a second UFO did the same and Kalizkewski called the ground technicians, asking them to investigate. One of the men on the ground managed to observe the object through a theodolite for a short time; he described it as "strange" and cigar shaped but it was moving so quickly he could not track it. All of the witnesses maintained that the device appeared to be under intelligent control. Kalizkewski commented, "I can't say whether they were spaceships, saucers or what. I have never seen them before. They were strange, terrifically fast. I think the government should set up a twenty-four-hour alert with radar, telescopes, sky cameras, and other instruments."


Kappa are creatures of the Japanese folklore that live in ponds and devour people that pass by. Japanese author Komatsu Kitamurahas theorized that they are really aliens from another planet, and other fantasy prone writers went so far as to say that the scaly skin of the Kappa described in the original folklore is evidence that the wear a spacesuit. Serious ufologists do not know anymore if it is more suitable to sigh or to laugh about this sort of nonsense.

Karth, Joseph E.

In May of 1961, there were some signs that the US government was accepting to let people access what they knew about the UFO phenomenon. Open congressional hearings were suggested by the House Space Committee and a sub-committee was to be headed up by Minnesota congressman Joseph E. Karth, who had already publicly criticized the censorship on UFO reports. The Air Force did not want the hearings on the grounds that it "would only benefit the sensation seekers and publishers of science fiction." However, although there had been resistance by Congressman Brooks of the Science and Astronautics Committee, they had to agree and Brooks would hold the meetings as requested and asked Vice-Admiral Hillenkoetter and Major Donald E. Keyhoe to begin producing their evidence for the sub-committee. Unfortunately just before the conference was due to take place, Brooks fell ill and died and his successor, Congressman George Miller, bluntly announced that he would not order the hearings.

Karyakin, Oleg, Lt. col.

In June 1980 there were reports of UFOs in Moscow. One such report was filed by Lieutenant-Colonel Oleg Karyakin, who reported a flying saucer hovering over his house. When he attempted to approach the object, Karyakin was apparently prevented by a force field. There were corroborated sightings from local people in the area.

Keel, John

US journalist UFO researcher who wrote "The Mothman Prophecies" (1975) among other books.


In the hamlet of Kelly, near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, USA, a farmer family has been harassed by alien beings all night long on August 21-22 1955.

Keyhoe, Donald E.

Aircraft and balloon pilot by the US Marines, then writer, Major Donald E. Keyhoe was asked by True Magazine to investigate UFOs. He was first skeptic, then his research convinced him that flying saucers are real, and or extra-terrestrial origin, and that the authorities try to conceal it. He founded NICAP, a large private organization for UFO investigation with many members from the USAF.

Killian sighting

A series of observations by 6 aerial crew of three flying saucers which hit the US headlines partly because one of the main witness, captain Killian, was a very experienced airline pilot. USAF's public relations first claimed they saw stars, suggested the pilots were drunk, then claims they saw an air refueling manoeuver.

Klass, Philipp J.

For thirty-five years a senior editor with Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine, is recognized as the world's leading skeptical authority in Unidentified Flying Objects and has written three books on the subject. Klass, a graduate electrical engineer, is a founding Fellow of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal. He was honored in 1973 for his accuracy as a technical journalist by being named a Fellow at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. His often ridiculous or pseudo-scientific explanations for UFO sightings did not won him a lot of admiration in the wider ufological community.

Martin S. Kottmeyer

Chicken farmer of Carlyle, Illinois, the USA, and author of several articles saying that no UFO report would be caused by extraterrestrial visitors, and that instead, they are inventions and mistakes that form a modern folklore. The mechanism which he discusses mostly is that people claiming they saw UFOs or aliens would be influenced, "entirely predisposed", by science fiction shows and stories.

Kuwait sightings, 1978

The US embassy in Kuwait reported to the US State Department in January 1979 that a series of UFO sightings had occurred on November 9, 1978 to December 14, 1978, in Kuwait, prompting the Kuwait government to set up an investigatory committee of experts from the KISR, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research.

The US Embassy said that KISR rejected that the UFOs had been earthly spy craft, but remained silent about whether they were extraterrestrial. Ratib Abu Id, KISR representative, told the US embassy that they did not know enough about the UFO phenomenon to say for sure that they weren't.

A senior member of the Kuwaiti Oil Company told the US embassy that one of the first UFOs had appeared above northern oil field and apparently disrupted automatic oil pumping equipment: an automatic shutdown of the equipment occurred when the UFO appeared, but the equipment restarted without intervention after the UFO was gone, though the equipment could have normally been restarted only manually.

Several of the sightings were described in the Press. Speculations ran that all this was actually caused by helicopters or hovercraft that brought refugees from Iran. Despite ufologists asking, the KISR report was never released.

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