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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Cergy-Pontoise hoax, France, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, France, on December 5, 1979.


The extra-terrestrial adventure of Franck Fontaine

The gendarmes persist ...

"TERRIAN LIFE" has resumed its normal course for Franck Fontaine. The young man who became a star after his "alien" adventure, will find, with his parents, the bustling markets of the Paris region where he sells clothes.

Hoax or mysterious phenomenon? The adventure of Franck Fontaine indeed fascinates all earthlings. The old and the new world tell his story and, supreme consecration, the traditional "Times" of London, as they had done for the disappearance of November 26 in a mysterious halo, described Tuesday Franck's "return" on the first page.

In the meantime, those who believe in UFOs like to emphasize the fact that the justice has not retained anything against Franck Fontaine and his two comrades who risked being prosecuted for "contempt of the court". It is true that an eight-day hostage-taking by "little green men" would be a great first in the long history of the UFOs. This single evocation stimulates many imaginations.

For skeptics with a Cartesian mind, the hoax, if it is a hoax, should be revealed one day, even if the short reports of the facts ("I do not know, I fell asleep") limits the possibilities of contradiction between the three young people.

The other explanation could be that of a collective hallucination or a natural event. Fog in the presence of beams of headlights, the scientists say, is conducive to the formation of luminous phenomena with surprising trajectories. The envoys of the GEPAN (Study Group of unidentified aerospace phenomena) who interviewed Franck Fontaine have not yet said anything. They find, in any case, that this case causes a lot of noise.

There remains a question: what would Franck Fontaine have done for eight days? The gendarmes who looked for him during this time did not have the legal means to "explore" thoroughly the possible retreats of the young man.

But for what reason, moreover, did he have such behavior? In this case, there are still many mysteries but the gendarmes, obstinately, will continue their investigation, even if it has no more than an administrative nature now.

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