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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO seen from Montmorency, France, 1974:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Echo d'Enghien, France, on March 7, 1974.



After Perpignan and Cambrai and according to a testimony that deserves all attention, since it is about five law and order officers, it is now in the sky of Montmorency that a UFO, unidentified flying object, formerly called "flying saucer", was observed last Sunday from 5:40 a.m. and on

The UFO file therefore begins to take a certain size if we consider the many testimonies collected to date.

It was still dark last Sunday at about 5:40 a.m., when Mr. Beraza, a guardian of peace, residing in the Rue des Dures-Terres, in Soisy, left his house to accompany his wife to the Montmorency Hospital where she works.

Suddenly, a strange sight appeared in the sky. Mr. Beraza observed an object like an ovoid luminescent mass moving from the northeast to the southwest in the orrientation of its greatest width.

Fearing not to be taken seriously if he were later to tell this mysterious phenomenon, the guardian of the peace immediately went to the police station, where he was not on duty, in order to make this curious apparition appear to his comrades of work.

And, indeed, from the very platform of the police station, the five policemen could observe just in front of the church, between the trees, this luminescent mass.

It was about twenty miles away, and looked much bigger than a plane. This totally silent machine, had a bluish body, ovoid, capped at the top and bottom of a species of reddish and orange cap. In addition, it was filled with jets of light and brilliant shards. This phenomenon continued until 6:10 a.m., until the luminous mass rose in the sky and hid behind the clouds.

Now questions are flowing: what was the exact phenomenon? M. Beraza is formal, it can not be a cirro-stratus, the sun not being up. So a comet or atmospheric phenomenon?

It is out of the question, in any case, that it was a fleeting vision since the phenomenon occurred for two hours.

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