UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer on October 15, 1973.

Mystery Objects Soar for Observers In Area

Reports of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were again reported in west central Ohio sunday evening by residents and law enforcement officers.

The Middletown Police Department said it had some 18 telephone calls from citizens concerning UFOs.

One amateur astronomer explained that people may have been seeing reflections from planets of Mars and Jupiter.

An unidentified man reported he saw four bluish lights "playing" with each other in the Mt. Airy area while Ohio Highway Patrolmen said they saw and received calls about several "grayish discs with red and bluish-green lights" and orange colored objects.

The lights and objects were seen along Interstate 75 in Butler, Warren and Montgomery Counties and also in the Dayton area.

Residents calling to report the UFOs said the objects emitted a humming sound and at least one rotated as it flew. Altitude of the discs was estimated from three miles to treetop level.

What was said to be a UFO over Clermont County was first sighted by Owensville residents and then confirmed by three different patrol cars, Sheriff Donald Watson said Sunday night.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bullis, who live near the Owensville Elementary School, said they saw the object, described as having red and green lights and it hovered over the school for some 10 minutes.

"Then it took off swiftly and assumed a stationary position in the sky much farther away," Bullis said.

Deputy sheriff's cruising in the area checked the report and confirmed that a strange object was in the sky which they said had red, green, blue and white lights.

One of the deputies, who is in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), estimated the object was about two miles out in the direction of Milford, and about 3000 feet high.

The deputy said he saw the object move from one position to another about a mile farther away. Bethel and deputies at Batavia also said they saw the unusual object.

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