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This article was published in the daily newspaper L'Ardennais, France, on December 14, 1973.


The U.F.O. (Unidentified Flying Objects), usually called "flying saucers" apparently made their "appearance" in the sky of the Loiret. Vision, hallucination or reality? Each time, the problem arises, and the good faith of the witnesses is often questioned.

This time, however, it was the police officers of Ouzouer-sur-Loire who, alerted by two people, located, Monday around 06:20 p.m., a mysterious apparatus whose lights flickered and who hovered 400 meters above the ground approximately. The craft did not produce any noise and the gendarmes of the brigade of Ouzouer-sur-Loire, accompanied by an adjutant, managed to observe the apparatus during several minutes before it disappeared at high speed in the direction of the south-east.

The gendarmes lengthily inspected the area, but they did not find any trace of landing nor, as it is the case [sic, "sometimes the case"], areas of burned grass.

In addition, the military authorities of the area indicate that in the evening of Monday the radar have at no time detected the presence of an unidentified flying object.

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