UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper The Cincinnati Post, Ohio, USA, on October 5, 1973.

For Sale: Slightly used UFO; needs new candle

Noblesville (UPI): Anyone interested in buying a used unidentified flying object should contact the Hamilton County sheriff's office.

The UFO, which caused a flurry of telephone calls to police across the county, turned out to be a 6-foot-by-2 1/2 foot weather observation balloon.

If the balloon happens to belong to you, you may claim it at the county jail, but you may have some questions to answer.

Officials say the green, orange and purple hot-air bag with a candle attached to keep it aloft may be the same type of object seen recently by residents of Allen County.

The UFO was taken into custody after Mrs. William Park of southern Hamilton County called the sheriff's office exitedly "saying a multi - colored spaceship had landed in her backyard."

Sheriff's deputies said the UFO was in good working condition, just needing a new candle to be ready to fly again.

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