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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 2, le 8 septembre 1977.

Who saw the UFO?

GREPO communicates:

On Friday, September 2, at approximately 09:30 p.m., Mr. D. rsident of Perthis, was going back home when, 2 km before the entry of the city his attention was caught by an object emitting a strong luminosity. According to the witness this object was at an altitude of 400 meters or so and seemed to move in the North-eastern, South-western direction.

Mr. D. nevertheless managed to observe this object during 1 minute approximately and to estimate its length as some thirty meters.

This object had the shape of a cigar and the whole emitted a strong bluish luminosity. Then it flew a broad arc of circle at a speed much faster than that of a jet plane.

If other people managed to make this observation, we ask them to make themselves known as soon as possible with the GREPO. Mr. Rober Frachino [sic, probably "Robert" ], 3 rue des Fourches, 84360 Lauris, Tel. 65. We ensure the possible witnesses that the most complete anonymity will be respected.

Moreover, we point out that if people are interested by the study and research on the UFO phenomenon, they can contact the above mentioned address.

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