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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Journal de Sa˘ne-et-Loire, France, on July 1st, 1976.




Mr. Borene show us [sic] the strange traces, in the horseshoe shape, left by the O.V.N.I.

LA GUICHE. -- Must we believe or not believe... in the U.F.U.? This is the question that many celebrities of science and the army tackle, like everyone among us.

Some are skeptics as for the existence, others are thoughtful, but all are careful, conscious of the brittleness of the testimonys collected by the observers of these "appearances".

Unexplained natural phenomena, spacecraft that came from another world? Opinions are divided, like was, in the Middle Ages, the belief in the magic.

What credit must be given to the stories told by the people witnesses of these strange "visions"?

However, many mysteries remain and the traces left on the ground, photographs taken by amateurs would give reason for thinking that the opinions are not dreams resulting from the nimble brain of some gentle crackpots.

The first witness of this phenomenon which took place in La Guiche, a community well-known for a retirement home, is a man who first of all has "both feet on ground." Broad shoulders, the skin tanned by the sun, Mr. Jacques Borgne, farmer, is 54 years old, is married and has two grown children.

He admits having been always very interested by this problem and had not refuted the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet but now he is sure.

Mr. Borgne tells us: "The first time, it was in the night from the June 24 to June 25, it was 01:50. I slept close to the window as usual, located at the south, when I heard a big noise which awoke me and then a raw and violent light flooded my room.

I stood up and I saw within three hundred and fifty meters approximately, a huge dome of orange pink light, which was stabilized above the meadow of one of my neighbors, its diameter must have been between 10 and 12 meters, then suddenly, it moved vertically of fifty meters approximately then of one hundred meters laterally, before disappearing, at high speed. The phenomenon had lasted only 25 seconds.

The next day, it was his wife who heard, around 02:40, this same characteristic noise, which rather resembled a humming, then at 3:10 and 3:40" the couple, in spite of their precipitation, only saw the craft move towards the South-west.

That night, neighbors, the Lotissier family who drove by car and returned home, crossed the U.F.O, as well as a girl, pertaining to another family, attest to have heard this noise. No lessthan six people saw or heard the U.F.O. that night.

Thus, Mr. Borgne called the gendarmes of Joncy the next day and those opened a very serious investigation. Moreover, the same evening they posted all night to await and see the strange appearance.

Unfortunately, nothing occurred and the gendarmes won only a sleepless night.

The next night, around 0:20, Mr. Borgne was again awaked by the suspicious noise, but that was very fugitive, "the craft according to his expression had passed by like a racing car".

Since then the most complete silence was never broken again, to the great disappointment of several people who already, camera and photographic camera at the shoulder-belt, corssed these last nights, the countryside of the surroundings of La Guiche.

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