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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 21, on December 3, 1973.

The return of the "flying saucers"

One speaks again of the "flying saucers" since one of these "mysterious craft" was formally observed, Friday, in Turin. Let's point out the facts: Friday evening, and for the first time in the Italian records, a U.F.O. was located by the radars of the airport of Turin and followed, during some times, by two planes.

The detection of the mysterious machine, the Italia agency reports, occurred in the evening of Friday, just above the airport of Turin-Caselle.

The pilot of a private plane, Mr. Riccardo Marano, was going to land, when the control tower informed him that there was an unidentified object hovering 400 meters above ground-level. The radar indicated a blip of an intensity comparable with that of a plane of the DC-8 type. Mr. Marano then approached the object which he described as "an enormous luminous sphere emitting a dazzling gleam, going from purple to blue and a granat-red hue."

The commander of the military airport of Caselle, colonel Rustichelli, confirmed the phenomenon and gave the same description of the U.F.O.

The "luminous sphere" was also seen by the crew and the passengers of a plane of the "Alitalia" company, which had just taken off bound for Rome.

An important comment is essential from the start: it cannot be a matter, this time at least, of a collective hallucination, explanation sometimes given disbelieving scientists, who are in the impossibility to give a logical and rational explanation to the observed phenomenon or phenomena. Indeed, a radar is not sensitive to the "hallucinations." It detects only "material realities". And it did so, because it even allowed to locate the "object" and to transmit its co-ordinates to the pilot of the private plane.

Yet this official report does not provide a solution to the problem, however. And the mystery does not seem close to being solved by current science.. Unless luck, someday...

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