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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provencal, France, page 24, le 28 mai 1977.

A UFO in the countryside of Aix?

AIX (from our agency). --A lady residing in the Valcros district, in the south of Aix, was extremely intrigued, last week, to note that, in a wheat field, a regular surface was sagging: the wheat laid down, crushed, sometimes even burned. However, there was, that night there, neither storm, neither wind, nor presence of men or animals. Is it about some unidentified flying object? Investigators of the Ouranos commission came to note the phenomenon: MM. J.-L. Cornand and Jimmy Guieu, the well-known science fiction novelist. The problem remains whole.


Years before, in Tully in Australia, a UFO was seen, leaving traces in the marshy vegetation. Thereafter, among some careless ufologists, the fashion was born to quickly allot to possible UFOs any trace in a field. This will also give the idea to two British pranksters to create fake saucer landing traces, giving rise to the myth of the "crop circles."

Here, it is an exemplary case in which an UFO that nobody saw is supposed to have left traces in a field. No serious information support that, the shape of the trace is unreported, the date when it was created is unknown, it could have been several days back and there could have been wind then, the assertion that no man or animal went in the field is undemonstrated, flattened crop gets quickly infested and then often gives the appearance of burns.

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