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UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, page 6, in September 29, 1976.


A "sound and light" U.F.O observed close to Saint-Marcellin (the Isère)

GRENOBLE. -- A rather remarkable UFO was observed, last September 12, at about 10:50 p.m. close to Saint-Marcellin. We were informed about that by Mr. André Revol, investigator of the Ouranos studies commission who, before informing us and provided with some kind of letter of request from the gendarmerie squad of the place went to the site and thoroughly interrogated the witnesses, which are said to be in good faith and serious people.

That evening, Mr. and Mrs. G and their son Jean-Christophe peacefully watched television in their premises in the allotment "Le Barret", in Saint-Vérand, close to Saint Marcellin.

Suddenly a "line sweep" appeared on the small screen, at the same time as an enormous "noise", of the kind of a sonic boom, were heard outside the house. "Mouche" the cat who slept on the knees of Jean-Christophe was suddenly awaked and, seized of an incomprehensible fright, he had leaped on Mrs. G and had scratched her before ducking against her.

In his turn, Jean-Christophe, who is eleven years old, had been taken of panic. "Mom, he had exclaimed, something is going to happen, have Moustique return fast".

"Moustique", is the second kitten of the house. To reassure her son, Mrs. G opened the door in order to invite her cat in.

That is when she was "attacked" by a very strong heat which she described as "heavy and choking" at the same time she was dazzled by a "elliptic light of an incandescent white" which was within thirty meters above the small wood that overhangs the Barret allotment.

This light, Mrs. G and her son explained later, was three times as large as the full moon. It was comparable to five hundred Swiss cars headlights [white, the headlights of the French cars being yellow at the time] and it was practically impossible to look at it. The light which, until there, was motionless, started to go down behind the small wood and the witnesses saw it through the curtain of the trees. Mr. G arrived at the rescue. He also felt a strong heat. The three people noticed at the base of the elliptic form a luminous bar like a neon light which was detached from it. The phenomenon suddenly evaporated like a candle would be blown off. Only a luminous halation remained a few moments. The observation had lasted about three minutes.

The next day Mr. and Mrs. G reported the occurrence to the gendarmerie, who made a preliminary investigation before asking Mr. Revol to consider this case. Thus Mr. Revol collected testimonys of motorists who on Sunday were driving on the RN 92 and claim to have seen around 11 p.m. "an enormous luminous object" moving towards the village of Saint-Vérand. Others saw only the halation which remained after the disappearance of the "thing". Lastly, the Mr. and Mrs. G's neighbors also heard the "unusual noise" of 10:50 p.m., without trying to discover what caused it.

If somebody can bring other information about this "strange case", let him write to us or make contact with Mr. André Revol at his address "Le Coupier" Saint-Sauveur, 38160 Saint-Marcellin.


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