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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Valence UFO, 1979:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Sud Ouest, France, on November 13, 1979.


Four UFOs force a Caravelle to land in Valencia (Spain)

FOUR unidentified flying objects continued in the night from Sunday to Monday, for more than four hours, a Caravelle plane that flew from Palma de Mallorca to Tenerife, forcing it to land in Valencia.

The plane, from the company Transportes Aereos Espanoles (T.A.E.), had 58 passengers on board, mostly German and Austrian.

According to his pilot, four luminous objects began to follow the aircraft as he flew over Ibiza, at 10 pm local on Sunday. After trying in vain to distance himself, the commander consulted the control tower at Valencia airport, which advised him to land.

The four UFOs followed the plane to Valencia. It was then 2 o'clock. They then took position one above the military base of the city, another above the terminal, a third above the runway head, while the fourth flew over the military base.

Four Phantoms took off from the Los Llanos base (Albacete province). By the time they arrived in Valencia, the UFOs disappeared.

They were sighted by other witnesses in the region of Valencia.

N.D.L.R. - This information deserved examination. We interviewed by telephone one of our colleagues from Barcelona, "El Correo Catalan", who confirmed to us, giving us additional details, the dispatch broadcast by the A.F.P.

Only the commander of the aircraft, a Spaniard, gave a complete testimony. His statements boil down to this: the Caravelle, coming from Salzburg, was literally pursued by four UFOs which had the characteristic of diffusing a red light accompanied by sparks. Still according to the commander, the hunt lasted four hours, between Ibiza and Valencia (it usually takes thirty minutes of flight between these two cities). The flight conditions becoming bad and without any particular explanation, the commander chose to land (1).

None of the 58 passengers confirmed or denied this version, nor the rest of the crew. The aircraft, which suffered no damage, departed for Tenerife with the same crew. It must be believed that the case is taken seriously since the Spanish Minister of Transport has moved to Valencia and ordered an investigation and your military authorities.

(1) It is not excluded that because of the autonomy of the Caravelle, the commander has decided to land in Valencia.

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