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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 18, on May 7, 1975.

Like the dead "Invaders"

The "Saucer" of Orly said to have disintegrated when hitting the ground!

This time the history of "Flying saucer" seems likely not to be wild imagining.

Two airline pilots saw the UFO which evolved, on April 25, above the capital, crashing at the northern end of the strips of Orly. This revelation, known today only, is one of the meticulous observations made at the airport by many people worthy of faith. These observations were held secret by the services of the Police Force of the Air. With regard to the pilots, those prepared to land that evening, at 08:55 p.m., when they announced, to the control tower, that an object of dark red color prolonged of a luminous trail, evolved at low altitude, above the airfield, following a south-eastern north-western course. A few moments later, specified the pilots, "the craft" crashed at the northern extremity of the airfield. On their side, the technicians of the control tower had made the same observation, as well as the member of the anti-riot police on monitoring mission on the airport, the latter stating moreover that the "craft" while disintegrating, had burst in three distinct pieces. However, research carried out at once at the northern zone of Orly did not yeld any result. The police forces claim not to have found any suspicious remains nor found any abnormal trace on the ground.

And one then thinks about the "Invaders" of the famous T.V. serial, who, them too, disintegrated when they were dying.

Note: a journalist impressed by science fiction makes of an observation of a meteor fall a history of "saucer" crash and dematerialization...

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