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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Dauphiné Libéré, France, page 4, on July 12, 1976.



What happened on last June 11th on the R.N. 531 close to Bourg-de-Péage?

Romans. -- It is a strange account, which Miss Helene Giuliana, aged of some twenty years, resident of Hostun (the Drôme) has just made.

"I did not dare to talk about it, she explains, I was afraid of being ridiculed."

It was around 01:30 of the morning in the night from the last 10th to 11th of June: Miss Helene Giuliana was driving back in her 4 L from Valence, where she had spent the evening at the movies. After a coffee break, she regained her home by the National Road 531, when suddenly, after having passed the bridge of "the Martinet" after Pizançon, on the community of Chaluzange-le-Goubet, she noted a deceleration in the march of her car. Fearing to be short with gasoline, the girl checked the level of her tank, but all was normal. The engine had again troubles, then suddenly all the lights of the vehicle died out and the engine stalled.

It is then, explains Miss Giuliana, that I saw at about fifteen meters in front of my car, posed on the NAtional Road, a luminous mass of orange color. I was very afraid, and I locked the doors of my immobilized car and put my hands in front of my eyes. At the end of a moment, of which the witness cannot determine the duration, withdrawing my hands from my eyes, I noted that the luminous mass had disappeared.

I actuated the starter, still explains Miss Giuliana, and the car started without problems. I returned at home so upset, that I missed the most direct road, and made a too long trip by Beaume d'Hostun, which is not my usual road. When I arrived at home, it was 4 hours of the morning!"

This account, made by a witness who seems a priori worthy of faith, is particularly strange. Indeed, how to explain her weird observation of a luminous mass, posed in the broad middle of the national road, and especially this period of almost two hours, during which, the girl remaining locked up in her car all lights extinguished, on the R.N. 531, with no car passing on that usually very attended road, by day and night.

The mayor of Hostun, Mr. Bouvier, at whom Miss Giuliana is employed, gave good information on the witness of this fact, strange to say the least.

Jean-Louis RUCHON


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