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This article was published in the daily newspaper France Soir, France, on February 18, 1974.

"Cigar" in the sky of the Nièvre

Even the policemen saw it

NEVERS, Saturday.

The "flying saucers" file thickens. The mystery too. The luminous machines among which cigars, cigarillos, discs, spheres, etc, appear in front of the eyes of witnesses for the majority worthy of faith.

In the sky of the Nievre, and more precisely on the small town of Decize, it is an enormous cigar which was seen on several occasions since the beginning of the week.

The alarm had been given as soon as Monday morning by an engineer, Mr. Cahour.

- During more than one hour, a luminous cigar, 20 times larger than a star, flew over my house, he claimed to the gendarmes of Decizes who, skeptical, granted only little credit to this "revelation".

But, the following Wednesday, a woman residing in a community 15 kilometers away, Neuville-les-Decize, also came to testify:

- A silent object surrounded by a luminous halation flew over my house this morning, Mrs. Bonnet swore.

"The thing"

Again the same hour: between 6 hours and 7:15. The coincidence was nevertheless disconcerting and the gendarmes, still semi-officially, decided to open an investigation. The next day, they all were before the paddle in the court of the gendarmerie, surrounding adjudant Auroy.

- Here it is! shouted suddenly Mrs. Daumas, the wife of a gendarme.

At once, the four gendarmes took their note-books out to write down their observations: the "thingummy" had a pale yellow color. Very luminous, its flight was stationary; its form was that of a cigar or a rugby ball when it rotated.

A telegram was sent to the public prosecutor and to the headquarters of the gendarmerie who asked for a report to add to the file of the U.F.O. (unidentified flying objects).

The news spread and, every morning, the majority of the 8.500 residents of Decize await, between 6 and 7:15, all windows opened.

    Gilles de PREVAUX

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