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UFOs in the daily Press:


The article below was published in the daily newspaper L'Alsace, France, on February 19, 1978.


Four Alsatian young people on the road of Langres, when suddenly, a UFO...

[Photo caption:] The photograph, obtained after a serious enlarging shows two UFOs. In fact this is a single phenomenon.

As for Mr. Joseph Bohler, in his seventies, domiciled in Urbès, you do not easily get him to mistake bladders and lanterns he saw all of it during his long career of gendarmerie officer. Mr. Bohler is indeed a retired captain, but it did not lose the taste of a quite strong investigation. The latest reserved him a big surprise!

His old professional instinct had made him smell a UFO business going back to last September and about which the young witnesses had not dared to speak too much until the moment when Mr. Bohler saw several photographs they had taken in the act and whose author did not hope for anything to come out, so much so that he had waited 5 months before sending the films to the laboratory.

But the prints were going to bring the proof that Christine Meyer and Clément Meyer bot 18-year-old and without family ties, domiciled 18 street of Millepertuis and 3 street of the Vosges in Wittenheim, as well as Bernard Bihr, 21, of Ruelisheim and Daniel Biéchy, 22, of Obermorschwihr had not dreamed, at 2 in the morning on the plate of Langres the night of Monday, September 19, 1977.

Impassioned motorcyclists, they returned from the "Bol d'Or" disputed on the Bugatti Circuit in LE Mans... But let us leave it to Mr. Bohler who did not lose a hand in writing down the statements - letting speak the four witnesses about the event.

"We all the four drove, headlights lit, on the RN 426... Arrived at 23 km at the west of Langres, towards Auberive (the Haute-Marne) we saw in the north of the main road and at 30° of altitude approximately, a gleam unbearable to the eye. It was an incandescent and motionless amber light. Surprised as much as curious we stopped and examined from the distance this strange hearth. Our comrade Clement Meyer who had a photo camera, had the good idea to take two photographs of this orange luminous source which made us think of a flying saucer.

We remained approximately 15 minutes to admire this phenomenon not without a certain apprehension, we acknowledge this readily. Then we left the places and resumed our travel. The luminous craft was still in the same place at this time..."

Mother of Christiane, Mrs. Alfred Meyer had the film develop at Mr. Di Scala, street of Maréchal de Lattre in Wittenheim. What was in the beginning just a small shapeless luminous dot on the colour film appeared, after a hard work of enlarging, as a flying saucer such as imagination often shows it, in a slightly different position on each photograph.

In short, a flying object that was, this time, perfectly identified as it was seen "with the eyes" by 4 people in good faith and healthy minds and even photographed by one of them...

A new file to be transmitted to the authorities in charge of the monitoring of the territory.

G. Heimburger

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