UFOs in the daily Press:


This article was published in the daily newspaper Huron Daily Tribune, of Bad Axe, Michigan, USA, on Friday October 19, 1973.


Manistee (UPI)- What is three times the size of a jumbo 747 jet, the shape of an X-15 experimental rocket, and has rotating red, green and white lights?

The entire Manistee County Sheriff's Department Thursday night insisted they were eyewitnesses to a display of five... UFOs.

"There was a big bright light in the east... two objects coming from the south... red, white and green lights something like an airplane... graveling together towards the light... back and forth" said Sheriff's Deputy Neil Renne.

Renne said the objects, which were not discernable as common sights, sat hovering in the sky over this northern Lake Michigan community for nearly an hour.

Deputy John Giplczik, who was dispatched to the city airport to get a closer glimpse of the flashing sights, said one came within one half mile of the ground as if to land.

"It looked like the experimental Air Force rocket, but much larger," he said.

"It looked like it was going to land and then there was a real dead silence."

A local citizen, sho asks to not be indentified, said the UFOs kept changing colors and four of them seemed to drift westward over Lake Michigan.

"It was really something," Giplczik said. "Anyone who doesn't believe in UFOs is stupid."

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