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UFOs in the daily Press:

The UFO phenomenon in the newspapers, a collection of newspaper articles reporting UFO observations or UFO related information, by local and national newspapers from all countries. These articles are linked from their respective dossier on this site. This page is to answer the claim "if UFOs existed, they would be in the newspaper." (Other sections of this site answer the claim "people believe in UFOs because of the newspapers.")

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Years 2000 to now:

Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace France, May 27, 2018 "Fessenheim - The nuclear plant overflown by an aircraft".
The Shropshire Star U-K., October 1, 2016 "Flying Dorito UFO spotted by dog walker on The Wrekin in Shropshire".
The Angus Courier Scotland, September 16, 2016 "'It was the strangest thing I have ever seen' — Montrose UFO sighting".
L'Est Républicain France, August 8, 2016 "Toul: the 1954 flying saucers 'invasion'".
La Nouvelle République France, August 25, 2015 "UFOs in Cholette".
Le Pays Briard France, August 21, 2015 "The 'true saucer' of Jouy-sur-Morin".
Le Pays France, August 18, 2015 "When the aliens land in the Loire".
Le Républicain Lorrain France, February 22, 2014 "A ufo at the Metz fair".
Le Parisien France, June 14, 2008 "Meteorites, witnesses of our extraterrestrial origin".
L'Alsace France, May 3, 2008 "The mystery of the UFO elucidated".
L'Alsace France, May 2, 2008 "A UFO in Lutterbach?".
The Register U-K., April 27, 2007 "UK Airline pilots spot giant UFO - 'Mile wide' mystery object hovers off Channel Islands".
Jersey Evening Post U-K., April 26, 2007 "Pilots spot mile-wide UFO close to Alderney - Air traffic control receives two independant reports".
Bury Free Press U-K., April 26, 2007 "Four 'UFOs' spotted in skies over town".
Guernesey Press U-K., April 26, 2007 "Pilot's UFO shock".
Gravesend Reporter U-K., April 26, 2007 "MOD probe into UFO sightings".
The Echo U-K., March 7, 2007 "Seven claim they saw UFO".
The Echo U-K., March 6, 2007 "Man claims he saw UFO".
Journal de Saône-et-Loire France, February 23, 2007 "Strange lights in the sky: the mystery remains".
Journal de Saône-et-Loire France, February 22, 2007 "The luminous phenomenon observed by the former mayor".
The Guardian U-K, February 22, 2007 "Could we have hitched a ride on UFOs ?"
Sabah Turkey, January, 2007 "People claim seeing a UFO in Istanbul".
The Resident Portugal, November 16, 2006 "Mysterious lights in Algarve skies".
Barron News Shield USA, November 5, 2006 "UFO sighting just a day before Halloween".
Norwich Evening News U-K., October 6, 2006 "UFO Spotted In Skies Over Norwich".
Newbury Weekly News U-K., October 5, 2006 "The Truth Is Out There...".
Burnley Express U-K., October 5, 2006 "Fred films a UFO 'flying over town'".
Sand Mountain Reporter USA, August 31, 2006 "E.T. where are you?"
Hawkesbury Gazette Australia, August 30, 2006 "The Truth isn't on there".
Norwich Evening News U-K, August 29, 2006 "Is it just pie in the sky or do UFOs really exist?"
Galveston Daily News USA, February 11, 2006 "Bright Lights Spotted In Night Skies".
Hertfordshire Mercury UK, February 3, 2006 "Low-flying UFOs have been spotted in the skies above Hertford".
Pakistan Herald USA, February 2, 2006 "UFO seen in Dera tribal area".
Central Daily Times USA, December 8, 2005 "Researcher featured on Sci Fi Channel wants NASA 'UFO' records".
Oxford Mail U-K, November 7, 2005 "More UFO claims".
Daily South Town USA, October 2, 2005 "Mysterious red lights appear over Southland".
Akron Beacon Journal USA, September 1, 2005 "Identify Otherworldly Craft".
Lincolnshire Echo U-K., August 30, 2005 "Would you offer ET a nice cup of tea ?"
Bracknell News U-K., August 30, 2005 "Ex-special constable is latest to report UFO sighting".
Irish Independent Eire, August 30, 2005 "Communicating with UFOs 'is no longer stuff of science fiction'".
Daily Mirror U-K., August 29, 2005 "8 In 10 say aliens real".
Boston Herald USA, August 28, 2005 "Nonbeliever probes 'Alien Encounters'".
Sidney Morning Herald Australia, August 28, 2005 "Waking up to the worst nightmare"
Sunday Sun U-K., August 28, 2005 "Teachers Spot 'Spy Plane'"
Gloucestershire Echo U-K., August 23, 2005 "What were the lights in the sky ?"
Northern Territory News USA, July 22, 2005 "Australia releases classified UFO documents".
The News-Miner USA, May 24, 2005 "Official weighs in on reported flash in the sky", meteor or space junk.
Statesman Journal USA, May 12, 2005 "All the cool aliens are heading to McMinnville".
The Guardian U-K., May 12, 2005 "Back to the saucers", news on element 115.
Aberdeen News USA, April 17, 2005 "Expert gives UFO presentation Monday - Was present for incident over Montana Air Force base".
El Sol Matutini Argentina, April 6, 2005 "Ghost aircraft crashes?"
The Daily Liberal Australia, March 11, 2005 "A father, son and their 'UFO'".
Le Petit Mauricien Maurice Island, March 10, 2005 "Fallen in Petite-Rivière yesterday evening - The UFO was a balloon".
Evening Times Scotland, March 8, 2005 "Clyde coast town is new UFO hot spot".
The Mercury Tasmania, February 23, 2005 "UFO sleuth with an eye to the sky".
The Mercury Tasmania, February 19, 2005 "Mystery of UFO deepens".
Northumberland Gazette U-K., January 28, 2005 "Boulmer reports of UFO sightings were hushed up".
Preston Daily U-K., January 19, 2005 "Have we been visited by aliens? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is just a smudge on a windscreen?"
Delaware Coast Press USA, January 19, 2005 "Strange aerial light is reported".
Shropshire Star U-K. January 18, 2005 "Woman baffled by 'beam of light'".
Rockingham News USA, January 14, 2005 "Town's history: B52 crash to UFO visits".
The Warrington Guardian U-K., December 7, 2004 "What was that hovering over Halton?"
Daily Herald Tribune Canada, November 19, 2004 "Hello! Is there anybody out there?"
Herald News USA, November 13, 2004 "Wilmington meeting to focus on UFOs - Recent incidents: Youth's accounts are among several in area".
The Winnipeg Sun Canada, November 13, 2004 "Mighty close encounter? Bright light dogs Crane River man."
The Daily Independant USA, November 11, 2004 "Residents report UFO in Ridgecrest"
The Lloydminster Meridian Booster Canada, November 7, 2004 "UFO centre touches down in Maidstone".
Trinidad and Tobago Express Trinidad, October 8, 2004 "Strange red light in sky"
Hindustan Times India, October 2, 2004 "A balloon, a spy-sat, or a UFO ?"
Rapid City Journal USA, September 25, 2004 "S.D. Tech hosts UFO lecture" - Malmstrom AFB 1967 incident.
Aldershot News and Mail U-K., September 10, 2004 "Was object in sky over park a UFO?"
Tamworth Herald U-K., September 9, 2004 "So what was that strange light in the sky?"
Greeley Tribune USA, September 6, 2004 "Students explain sky sausage mystery".
Greeley Tribune USA, September 3, 2004 "Sky sausages pique curiosity of wondering Greeley couple".
La Région Chili, September 2, 2004 Sightings in Coquimbo in July, 2004.
The Milton Keynes Citizen U-K., August 31, 2004 "Sceptic spots UFO".
Fort Frances Times Canada, August 27, 2004 "UFO sightings reported at Dryden".
The Farmington Daily Times USA, August 22, 2004 "Aztec to premiere UFO documentary".
Le Journal de l'Ile La Réunion, August 16, 2004 "UFOs fly over Tananarive - 50 years later, it is still a mystery".
La Dépêche du Midi France, August 13, 2004 "It was a rather round and very luminous form, with filaments around it".
Winnipeg Sun Canada, August 7, 2004 "Peggers relish close encounters - UFO sightings soar over last 48 hours".
Calgary Sun Canada, August 6, 2004 "UFO sightings skyrocket".
Duluth News Tribune USA, August 6, 2004 "Woman continues search for aliens".
The Toronto Star Canada, August 6, 2004 "Soaring UFO sightings near record high - Mysterious lights, dazzling mid-air manoeuvres reported - More than 400 encounters of the curious kind filed so far this year".
Globe and Mail Canada, August 5, 2004 "Canadians near record number of UFO sightings".
Semanario Colon Doce Argentina, July 23, 2004 "Flying saucer over the region".
La Manana Argentina, July 13, 2004 "UFOs seen over 25 de Mayo - More sightings this weekend in Gobernador Ugarte".
El Tribuno Argentina, July 10, 2004 "Hundreds witness large UFO".
El Tribuno Argentina, July 10, 2004 "It was gigantic, shining, noiseless and with portholes".
La Cuarta Chile, June 30, 2004 "UFOs visit Llay-Llay".
Belfast Telegraph Northern Ireland, June 26, 2004 "'UFO' is spotted in skies".
Huddersfield Daily Examiner U-K., June 15, 2004 "Caught on film - five UFOs in the skies above Emley" (Nato jets).
La Dépêche du Midi France, June 8, 2004 "UFOs: minimal service" and my "ufomaniac" reaction.
Le Bien Public France, May 18, 2004 "Strange observations in the sky of Côte-d'Orient".
Arizona Republic USA, May 13, 2004 "'UFOs' may have been caused by atmospheric gasses, expert says".
El Universal Mexico, May 13, 2004 "Skeptics say UFOs could be weather balloons".
Le Figaro France, May 11, 2004 "Jean-Gabriel Greslé: "We are not alone in the universe""
Cadillac News USA, May 9, 2004 "Unidentified flying planet ?"
Sunderland Today England, May 6, 2004 "Mystery sighting has Neil baffled".
The Winnipeg Sun Canada, April 29, 2004 "Cow cut, drained in Arborg - Mutilation mystifies".
The Winnipeg Sun Canada, April 21, 2004 "City nuts for UFOs".
The Winnipeg Sun Canada, April 19, 2004 "UFO seen whizzing over city - Mystery light unexplained".
la Dépêche du Midi France, April 18, 2004 "Toulouse. Jean-Jacques Velasco speaks out at last. "Yes, UFOs exist"".
Aftenposten Norway, March 25, 2004 "Italian conference to study Hessdalen".
Daily Globe USA, March 24, 2004 "Confirmation on that UFO".
The Durango Herald USA, March 21, 2004 "Symposium: Is the UFO truth in Aztec ?"
The Durango Herald USA, March 21, 2004 "Chief UFO investigator dies".
Arizona Republic USA, March 19, 2004 "Mystery lights changed doc's life".
Rochdale Observer U-K., March 9, 2004 "Kids thrilled by close encounter of mystery kind".
Saginaw News USA, March 8, 2004 "Alien beings affect some".
Shawnee Sentinel USA, March 4, 2004 "Flying Objects Near A-Plant Area".
Daily Wildcat USA, February 24, 2004 "Aliens exist, say researchers, abducted audience members".
Plymouth Evening Herald U-K., February 21, 2004 "UFO sighted over city".
Canada, February 20, 2004 "Etranges lumières rapportées par un résident".
St Petersburg Times USA, February 18, 2004 "Astronaut: We've had visitors".
North Bay News USA, February 14, 2004 "Like A Giant Star".
Evening News U-K., February 14, 2004 "Flash in sky sparks UFO theory".
Northern Territory News Australia, February 15, 2004 "Three needed to help in 32-year UFO mystery".
Winnipeg Sun Canada, February 11, 2004 "Close encounter on Highway 7 - Family of 3 witnesses UFO".
Flash Info Guadeloupe, February 9, 2004 "Apparition of a strange blue cube above Jarry".
Huddersfield Daily Examiner U-K., February 2, 2004 "Strange sighting in skies puzzles satellite-watcher".
The Northern Scot Scotland, January 24, 2004 "The day Moray had a visitor from outer space".
Times & Transcript Canada, January 24, 2004 "More UFO sightings reported - Witnesses terrified, transfixed by an object hovering in sky".
Post-Tribune USA, January 13, 2004 "UFO sighting might make Huntington next Roswell".
El Tribuno Argentina, January 11, 2004 "Farmer claims having seen UFO and occupants".
Huddersfield Daily Examiner U-K., January 9, 2004 "Strange fires in the sky have been filmed soaring over Huddersfield".
Huntington Herald Press USA, January 8, 2004 "It's interesting, not humorous".
Huntington Herald Press USA, January 7, 2004 "UFO investigators hope they can add information to their database".
Jackson Citizen Patriot USA., January 7, 2004 "Mystery at Mud Lake".
Huddersfield Daily Examiner U-K., January 6, 2004 "Who is visiting us?"
News and Star U-K., January 5, 2004 "Trio of UFOs spends Xmas in Cumbria".
Huntington Herald Press USA, January 4, 2004 "The object of their vexation".
Huddersfield Daily Examiner U-K., January 2, 2004 "UFOs spotted over town Jan 2 2004".
Airdrie Echo Canada, December 24, 2003 "Researcher reports more sightings - Airdrie residents continue to see strange sights in the sky".
Burnett County Sentinel USA, December 23, 2003 "UFO test in Burnett ?"
Globe & Mail Canada, December 20, 2003 "At 84, original 'abductee' still wants to believe".
Airdrie Echo Canada, December 17, 2003 "Another UFO sighting - City man reports strange object during daylight hours"
Airdrie Echo Canada, November 26, 2003 "More UFO sightings reported - Additional witnesses come forward after recent article"
24 heures Switzerland, December 6, 2003 "A child paced by the Froideville UFO ?"
24 heures Switzerland, November 29, 2003 "Mars Attack in Froideville".
Bolton Evening News U-K, November 28, 2003 "Mystery of two "UFO" sightings".
Idaho Statesman USA, November 25, 2003 "UFOs; Sightings in Salmon-Challis area".
Birmingham Post U-K., November 25, 2003 "Strangers in our Midst".
El Tribuno Argentina, November 21, 2003 "UFO follows three mechanics in Salta for two hours".
The Star U-K., November 19, 2003 "Did UFO buzz ?"
Western Daily Press U-K., November 14, 2003 "The boys in blue and rheir little green men".
Byron Shire Echo Australia, October 21, 2003 "Man claims UFO sighting at Suffolk"
Calgary Sun Canada, October 20, 2003 "Enlightening sighting for local family"
News Journal USA, October 18, 2003 "UFO still puzzles 30 years later - Soldiers encountered something strange in 'Coyne Incident'"
Le Journal de Québec Canada, October 17, 2003 "The mysterious thing on the photograph remains a puzzle..."
Le Journal de Québec Canada, October 16, 2003 "A UFO ?"
Bahrain Tribune Bahrein, October 15, 2003 "UFO seen in Bahrein skies".
Halifax Herald USA, October 13, 2003 "Close encounter in Shag Harbour".
Staten Island Advance USA, October 12, 2003 "UFO's: The truth and the proof are out there - A conference on abductions draws 100 believers to a Wagner college classroom".
Toronto Star Canada, October 10, 2003 Ufology in Canada.
Pascagoula Mississippi Press USA, October 10, 2003 "Observers question UFO experience"
Grimsby Telegraph U-K, October 6, 2003 "Could little green men soon be arriving down Grimsby's Freeman Street ?"
Sun Herald USA, October 5, 2003 "UFO pandemonium struck 30 years ago", Pascagoula.
Airdrie Echo Canada, September 21, 2003 "UFO researcher contacted by Airdrie and area residents".
Wishaw Press Scotland, September 19, 2003 "They had a close 'UFO' encounter".
Whitehaven News England, September 18, 2003 "UFO story from the 19th hole".
Burnley Today England, September 12, 2003 "UFO could be model plane".
San Gabriel Valley Tribune USA, September 9, 2003 "Neighbors maintain UFO watch".
U-K., September 8, 2003 "Latest UFO theory is dismissed" (Rendlesham hoax claim).
Mansfield Today U-K., September 8, 2003 "Bolsover man snaps UFO on video camera".
Burnley Express England, September 5, 2003 "UFO is spotted".
Herald-Dispatch USA, September 4, 2003 "Ohio residents report strange lights in the Sky".
Aberdeen Evening Express Scotland, September 3, 2003 "Mystery after UFO sightings puzzles experts".
Roswell Daily Record USA, September 2, 2003 "Larry King talks aliens".
Ipswich Evening Star U-K., August 30, 2003 "UFO sighting excites alien hunters"
Bromsgrove Standard U-K., August 14, 2003 "The truth is out there... but in Hanbury ?"
Shepton Mallet Journal U-K., August 13, 2003 "Was it a bird? was it a plane? or a UFO ?"
Epping Forest Guardian U-K., August 10, 2003 "Pair spot mystery objects".
Evening Advertiser U-K., August 5, 2003 "Did you see UFO in Wroughton ?"
The Daventry Express U-K., July 22, 2003 "UFOs are seen flying over town".
The Town Talk USA, July 20, 2003 "Avoyelles Parish Man's Disappearance Still A Mystery After 50 Years", the Lake Superior Moncla case of 1953.
The Observer U-K, July 6, 2003 "Secret papers tell how RAF hunted aliens".
El Tribuno Argentina, July 2, 2003 "In Cachi: the event occurred on June 24th; three UFOs seen and videotaped".
Bradenton Herald USA, June 20, 2003 "Theories abound days after mysterious boom".
Times Herald-Record USA, June 16, 2003 "Believers keep eye on Pine Bush sky".
The Warrnambool Standard Australia, June 14, 2003 "Grampians gateway To UFOs".
Houston Chronicle USA, June 14, 2003 "Item from space station likely cable ID tag".
Worcestershire Evening News UK, June 13, 2003 "Is there anybody there... county in grip of UFO flap".
Mohave Daily News USA, June 8, 2003 "Bullhead City man says his home was visited by UFOs".
al-Watan Saudi Arabia, June 8, 2003 Object falls in Saudi Arabia.
Birmingham Evening Mail UK, June 5, 2003 "Take me to your boozer".
Salt Lake Tribune USA, June 3, 2003 "Close encounters".
Sun Sentinel USA, June 1, 2003 "No alien baby found in Wyoming.".
Die Burger South Africa, May 28, 2003 "Cape Town residents spot cigar-shaped UFO - Is it a star or is it an unidentified flying object ?"
Atlanta Journal-Constitution USA, May 25, 2003 "UFO researchers probe lights at Booger Bottom".
El Diario de La Pampa Argentina, May 24, 2003 "Two more calves found mutilated".
El Tribuno de Salta Chile, May 23, 2003 "Ufologists pick up underground electromagnetic signals".
The Courier-Mail Australia, May 16, 2003 "Crop circles puzzle farmer".
The News-Register USA, May 10, 2003 "Stanton Friedman - The Quest For Truth About UFOs".
Northern Territory News Australia, May 6, 2003 "They're out there... In the suburbs".
News Observer USA, May 5, 2003 "UFO researchers looking for witnesses to N.M. crashes".
The Pilot USA, May 4, 2003 "Couple reports seeing UFO Wednesday night".
Hounslow Guardian UK, May 2, 2003 "UFO abduction possible in UFO case".
Essex Chronicle UK, April 24, 2003 "Essex: UFO sighting in county skies".
Omaha World Herald USA, April 16, 2003 "3 cows, bull calf mutilated Patrol says".
El Diario de La Pampa Argentina, April 15, 2003 "Concern spread among some Pampan cattlemen of the Lihuél Calel department, who expressed their fear at the discovery of several repeated animal mutilations in their rural area".
Gulfport Sun-Herald USA, April 9, 2003 "Author recounts his book on UFO" (Pascagoula).
Dallas Observer USA, April 3, 2003 "Heavenly Hoax - Texas town has its own brush with a UFO"
Terrace Standard Canada, April 2, 2003 "Was there a mass UFO sighting ?"
The Rutherglen Reformer Scotland, March 26, 2003 "Rutherglen UFO mystery".
La Dépêche du Midi France, March 21, 2003 "On three occurrences, an inhabitant of Latoue saw the strange lights - The beams of Gariscan".
West Lothian Courier Scotland, February 28, 2003 "UFO investigators claim to have found alien landing site in Bathgate".
East-Kilbride News U-K., February 27, 2003 Prank: "UFO is spotted over Kingsgate Retail Park during morning rush-hour".
The Courier Scotland, February 27, 2003 "Sighting adds to north-east Fife UFO mystery".
Evening Telegraph Scotland, February 26, 2003 "19 'close encounters' being probed".
Gloucestershire Citizen U-K, February 24, 2003 "Close encounter with an 'alien' skull".
Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser Scotland, February 20, 2003 "UFO experts on the hunt for sightings".
Terrace Standard Canada, February 19, 2003 "Media takes keen interest in BC UFO researcher".
East Kilbride News Scotland, February 19, 2003 "UFO is spotted over Kingsgate Retail Park during morning rush-hour".
Canoe Canada, February 12, 2003 "UFO sightings increase sharply in 2002; B.C. leads Canada".
Daily Breeze USA, February 12, 2003 "SP military museum relives 1942 Great Los Angeles Air Raid".
La Stampa Italy, February 9, 2003 "A motorist reports a UFO".
Mainichi Daily News Japan, February 7, 2003 "Great balls of fire, is it a UFO?".
The Times U-K, February 5, 2003 "Salut, earthlings" "If the truth really is out there, the French are taking serious steps to find it."
Bellingham Herald USA, February 1, 2003 No headline, Fairy ring in the US.
Yorkshire Evening Post U-K, January 31, 2003 "Police probe UFO sightings".
Daily Liberal Australia, January 29, 2003 "Residents reporting strange sightings".
The Inverness Courier Scotland, January 22, 2003 "Mystery in the sky above Loch Ness".
The Morning Call USA, January 22, 2003 "Valley residents have reported UFOs", newspaper articles from 1940s, '50s and '60s describe sightings.
The Birmingham Post U-K, January 17, 2003 "Alien 'proof' rejected as hype".
Daily Mail U-K, January 15, 2003 "Aliens On The Space Highway".
San Francisco Chronicle USA, January 12, 2003 "Fighting the fear factor", local scientists are quietly working to give UFO sightings a measured look and lend legitimacy to those who spot them.
Highland News Scotland, January 9, 2003 "TV show presenter has close encounter".
The Citizen South Africa, January 8, 2003 "Orange UFO hovers over Pretoria", on January 6.
Post Courier Papua New Guinea, January 7, 2003 "UFOs reported to police".
El Mundo Puerto Roci, January 6, 2003 "Mysterious object falls in Puerto Rico".
Daily Record USA, January 3, 2003 "Car hit by UFO on I-40", a walnut size object actually.
The Australian Australia, January 2, 2003 "Track attracts UFOs".
La Cuerta Chile, December 30, 2002 "You had to be very out of your mind not to see a UFO in Chilean skies in 2002, say ufologists".
Kentucky New Era USA, December 30, 2002 "Kelly Green Men - Children of witness to alleged alien invasion defend father's 1955 claim".
Daily Mail UK, December 13, 2002 "Photographer comments on Cumberland spaceman picture".
Warrnambool Standard Autralia, December 13, 2002 "UFOs visit Grampians".
Las Provincias Spain, December 13, 2002 "UFO Flies over Xativa".
Daily Reflector USA, December 11, 2002 "Unidentified object spotted over Grifton".
Kentucky New Era USA, December 6, 2002 "New documentary to revisit Kelly Green Men legend".
La Dépêche du Midi France, December 1st, 2002 "UFOs do not raise smiles anymore".
Aftenposten Norway, November 22, 2002 "UFO spotted over Asker".
The Santa Fe New Mexican USA, November 22, 2002 "Roswell Incident Had Victims, Program Says".
Herald Sun Australia, November 17, 2002 "ET calls in Lilydale", teens see nocturnal lights.
Sidney Morning Herald Australia, November 8, 2002 (no headline) Crews of three different commercial airline flights reports a UFO over China.
La Cronica Argentina, November 7, 2002 "74-year old resident, native of Catamarca, claims being taken to the Moon", contactee story in Argentina.
Sierra Times USA, November 4, 2002 "Mysterious Cattle Deaths in Navajo County, Arizona".
Florida Today USA, November 3, 2002 "Sci-Fi digs for UFO info, but is it a hoax for ratings?".
The Clarion Ledger USA, October 30, 2002 "Strange lights in the Gulf Coast sky", a highly informative article on the 1973 Pascagoula case.
Le Télégramme France, October 30, 2002 "Flying Fortress", was the UFO an inflatable battletank?
El Tiempo Chile, October 25, 2002 "Mysterious tiny creature causes commotion in Chile".
Athens News USA, October 17, 2002 "Strange happenings: Similar UFO sightings occur exactly 50 years apart".
Le Bien Public France, October 14, 2002 A July crop circle in Germany was a hoaxed of German TV team.
Bild Germany, October 11, 2002 A July crop circle in Germany was a hoaxed of German TV team.
Juju Yaldia Argentina, October 9, 2002 "Report from police commissioners investigating the collision of an object in Susques".
Calgary Sun USA, October 4, 2002 "Odd object seen in sky"
Winnipeg Sun Canada, October 4, 2002 "This was one weird close encounter".
Evening Telegraph U-K, October 4, 2002 "Family makes major UFO sighting".
Canoe Canada, September 29, 2002 "Alien message one of hope and goodwill, says anthropologist", armchair research.
Miami Herald USA, September 28, 2002 "Peruvians seek discovery and profit in UFOs", UFO tourism in Peru.
Moscow Times Russia, September 25, 2002 "Flying saucers land at Ukrainian web site".
Daily Record Scotland, September 17, 2002 "Magic circle - Gang admits to field stunt - and every other "mystery" appearance", CircleMakers' Rod Dickinson and John Lundberg say they did all the crop circles in UK.
Sydney Morning Herald Australia, September 14 "Look, up in the sky", pay per view for a UFO film on the Internet.
El Mexicano Mexico, September 7, 2002 "UFO seen over Tijuana".
El Norte Mexico, September 4, 2002 "Mysterious circle in Kazakhstan raises questions", UFOs and possible trace in Kazakhstan.
Mercury Australia, August 30, 2002 "Alien rings mystery solved".
Lansing State Journal USA, August 29, 2002 "Life imitating art in rural cornfields".
Vox Populi Diario Argentina, August 27, 2002 "The return of the cattle mutilations."
New Zealand Herald New Zealand, August 24, 2002 "New light on mysterious space balls".
Calgary Sun Canada, August 19, 2002 "The Arctic, place of the un-X-plainable".
Halifax Daily News Canada, August 18, 2002 "Eerie silence descends in wake of Cow Bay UFO".
Sunday Times of India India, August 17, 2002 The "muhnochwa" alarm in India.
The Star Telegram USA, August 17, 2002 "New spin on UFO story" tale of a flying saucer is serious business in Aurora.
El Tribuno Argentina, August 16, 2002 "Ten more dead sheep", cattle mutilations in Argentina.
El Tribuno Argentina, August 16, 2002 "Cachi: Surprising eyewitness accounts", cattle mutilations in Argentina.
La Liberté de l'Est France, August 11, 2002 "UFO", nocturnal lights, France.
St Louis Post-Dispatch USA, August 5, 2002 "Report says Metro East UFO might be new military aircraft".
El Tribuno Argentina, August 4, 2002 "Mutilated Cows Found at 4.000 Meters Above Sea Level. A Saltan geologist provides a curious account on strange deaths and demands an investigation".
De Telegraaf Denmark, August 4, 2002 "UFO possibly caused air disaster in Ukraine".
La Arena Argentina, August 4, 2002 "Local resident claims seeing UFO; hospitalized in shock. Cellphone snatched by unidentified object".
Western Morning News U-K, August 3, 2002 "Lights prompt UFO calls".
Hindustan Times India, August 2, 2002 "Linda says "no" to "Signs"".
Kent and Sussex Courier U-K, August 2, 2002 "UFO hunters keen to test new picture".
La Nueva Provincia Argentina, August 2, 2002 "Strange lights and figures allegedly seen in Atlantida, Argentine".
El Norte Argentina, August 2, 2002 "Another mutilated bovine, this time in La Tigra".
The Shanghai Star Chine, August 1, 2002 "Crop circles all across the planet", and chinese researcher said it started 3000 years ago.
Regina Leader Post Canada, August 1, 2002 "Whether hoax or genuine phenomenon, Saskatchewan no stranger to crop circles".
The Boston Globe USA, August 1, 2002 "Crop formations may be shrouded in mystery, but the media are betting they'll make sense at the cash register".
The Cincinnati Post Cincinnati, USA, July 31, 2002 "Blue flash in sky a mystery", highly probable meteor sightings.
Seattle Post Intelligencer USA, July 29, 2002 "Apartment near UW is a UFO clearinghouse", sightings in USA and Peter Davenport's NUFORC.
The Hawk Eye Iowa, USA, July 28, 2002 "It wasn't anything from Earth", old sightings and UFO landing in Southeastern Iowa.
El comercial Argentina, July 28, 2002 "Five Cows Mutilated"
El Fuerte Argentina, July 27, 2002 "Seen by several residents - Strange lights over the lagoon", again.
El Tiempo Argentina, July 27, 2002 "Another bovine mutilated, this time in Parish"
The Washington Post USA, July 26, 2002 "F-16s pursue unknown craft over region", NORAD comfirms radar detection, unknown disapeared, routine operation.
El Diario de la Republica Argentina, July 23, 2002 "Commotion over UFO Sighting in Southern Cordoba."
The Washington Post USA, July 21, 2002 "As Big as Life: 50 Years Ago, Unidentified Flying Objects From Way Beyond the Beltway Seized the Capital's Imagination", the Post remembers these stunning events.
El Tribuno Argentina, July 21, 2002 "Large UFO causes ground effects".
La Mananas Argentina, July 21, 2002 "Representative of the Argentine Ufology Federation visit 25 de Mayo," investigation starts after mutiple witness sighting.
El Comercial Argentina, July 21, 2002 "Residents of Formosa claim having seen light," in cattle mutilations sector.
El Commercial Argentina, July 19, 2002 "Cattle mutilations continue, Seven mutilated animals in Yataí, totalling 21 in two months in the field."
Shanghaï Star China, July 18, 2002 Shanghaï Star about extraterrestrials in China.
The Guardian U-K, July 18, 2002 Search for life on Europa.
El Tribuno Argentina, July 17, 2002 "Cattle mutilations at La Troja".
Diario La Manana Argentina, July 16, 2002 "Residents in Gobernador Ugartte claim they have seen a UFO", confirmation by police patrol car.
El Argentino Argentina, July 15, 2002 "Dead sheep with mutilated head found in Salto (Uruguay)".
El Cronista Argentina, July 13, 2002 "Strange lights at the edge of the lagoon", numerous eyewitnesses.
El Diario Austral Chile, July 12, 2002 "UFO causes a sensation across Villarica"
El Diario de La Pampa Argentina, July 12, 2002 "Did toxic agents cause animal deaths?", tests must be sent to laboratory.
Republicain Lorrain France, July 12, 2002 "The puzzling circles of Gongelfang", a crop circle.
Grafton Daily Examiner Australia, July 12, 2002 Balloons or UFOs reported in Japan.
El Diario de La Pampa Argentina, July 11, 2002 "Mutilated cows: Government commissioned a study - partially released - suspecting the presence of a toxic agent."
L'Alsace France, July 10, 2002 "UFO in Mulhouse ?"
La Gaceta Argentina, July 10, 2002 "Goats and cows mutilated at Leales INTA", and bright light seen in Tucuman, Argentina.
El Diario de la Republica Argentina, July 9, 2002 "Another mutilated cow in San Francisco", Argentina.
Diario del Sur Argentina, July 9, 2002 "Cows found inside a water tank", the strange case of Suco, investigated by El Diario.
El Diario de La Pampa Argentina, July 9, 2002 "Autorities state that the red muzzle mouse does not exist in La Pampa", regional government dismisses official explanation of cattle mutilations in Argentina.
Republicain Lorrain France, July 7, 2002 "UFOs have landed in Gongelfang", a crop circle, no UFO whatsoever.
La Estrella del Loa Chile, July 7, 2002 "Chupacabras Blamed for Mysterious Lamb Death".
Noticias Argentina, July 6, 2002 "UFOs over Patagones"
Hamburger Morgenpost Germany, July 6, 2002 "UFO alarm over Luebeck", UFO or balloon over Luebeck chased by police car, Germany.
Ha'Aretz Israel, July 5, 2002 "El Al, Ukrainian pilots report missile flash"
La Nueva Provincia Argentina, June 30, 2002 "Many believe mutilations phenomenon will never be explained"
La Nacion Argentina, June 24, 2002 "SENASA to release its report" on animals mutilations in Argentina.
Diario Rio Negro Argentina, June 24, 2002 "Another horse found dead in farm sector of Choele Choel", animal mutilations in Argentina.
El Liberal Argentina, June 23, 2002 "UFOs and mutilations at Santiago Del Estero, a judge and police officers set off in search of the strange".
La Arena Argentina, June 23, 2002 "8 more cases in Puelches", animal mutilations in Argentina.
Guardian Unlimited Observer U-K, June 23, 2002 "Passing UFOs Make Beeline For Scotland".
El Chubut Argentina, June 22, 2002 "Strange mutilations reaches Chubut, two guacanos mutilated".
Diario Rio Negro Argentina, June 22, 2002 "SENASA unable to find explanation for mutilations" and UFO reports in Argentina.
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El Tribuno de Salta Argentina, June 21, 2002 "Guanaco found mutilated, cases extend to Valdes Peninsula", animal mutilations in Argentina.
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La Capital Argentina, June 21, 2002 "Dead cow found at Moises Ville", animal mutilations and UFO sightings in Argentina.
Diario Rio Negro Argentina, June 20, 2002 "Mysterious death toll to 84" animal mutilations continue in Argentina.
El Tribuno de Salta Argentina, June 20, 2002 "Fear of cattle mutilation grows" in Argentina.
Cronica Argentina, June 17, 2002 "Cattle mutilation: the mystery continues".
The Sunday Observer Sri Lanka, June 16, 2002 "UFO fans galvanised", sightings in Sri Lanka and silly comments from all parts.
Times of India India, June 17, 2002 "UFOs no way, says A.C. Clarke", SF writer knows better.
Nuevo Dia Argentina, June 15, 2002 "Dr. Belot is convinced that the perpetrators arrived by aerial means and is certain that the animals were slain elsewhere and subsequently dumped in the field".
Sociedad Rio Negro Argentina, June 14, 2002 "Big mystery in La Pampa surrounding mutilated cows".
Knight Ridder USA, June 13, 2002 "Rash of UFO sightings prompts mayor to declare Chilean region official tourism zone."
La Arena Argentina, June 6, 2002 "More mutilated cows in the Quehue region".
El Periodic d'Andorra Andorra, May 27, 2002 "The image of a UFO" French ballon of April 22 reported as UFO in Andorra.
Diario La Arena Argentina, May 20, 2002 "Animal mutilations in wake of nocturnal lights."
Las Ultimas Noticias Chile, May 6, 2002 "More UFOs over Angol".
Udresfeavifen Norway, April 29, 2002 "He has seen UFO 58 times!" Norwegian newspaper publishes a short article about the Hessdalen UFOs.
Derby Evening Telegraph UK, April 24, 2002 "Light mystery at UFO hotspot".
The Shanghai Star China, April 24, 2002 "UFOs sighted in Beijing sky", and comments.
Diario La Arena Argentina, April 23, 2002 "Another dead animal found in a field"
The Ottawa Citizen Canada, February, 2002 "Ottawa tops list of UFO sightings", increase of UFO sigthing reports in Canada, some words by Mark Rutkowski, scientist and ufologist.
The Daily Times, Farmington USA, March, 2002 "Secret files reveal mysterious sightings of UFOs in Farmington", old files found in newspaper archives.
La Voix Du Nord France, March 10, 2002 "UFOs: cases not closed?", sightings in the region of Calais in the last 30 years and comments.
The Las Vegas Sun USA, March 7, 2002 "Are we alone, or just arrogant?", impressions about a Nevada UFO conference.
The Citizen Gloucestershire, UK, March 4, 2002 "The UFO hunter", flying triangle observed over south of England, and a few words about David Kingston, field investigator.
The Ottawa Citizen Canada, February 24, 2002 "The X-Files come to Inkerman", article about numerous sightings of UFO in New Brunswick.
Hailfax Daily News Canada, February 18, 2002 "UFO sightings soar in N.B.", article about numerous sightings of UFO in New Brunswick.
El Tribuno de Salta Salta, Chile, February 19, 2002 "Residents see more UFOs", article about numerous sightings and videotaping of UFO in the region of Salta and Calama in Chile.
Crawley News Gatwick airport, UK, February 6, 2002 "Did he see another UFO?", article about another hour long sighting of 12 lights by a lone witness over Gatwick Airport.
The Town Talk Louisiana USA, January 16, 2002 "UFO or flares? Boyce couple baffled by night lights", article about a couple seeing lights in the sky, not at the exact time a a flare dropping exercice.
Diario de Pernambuco Brazil, January 6, 2002 "Fantastic UFOs visit the State", article about UFO events in the States of Pernambuco.
Daily Telegraph UK, January 4, 2002 "Red sky at night gave duo a fright:" another luminous unidentified phenomenon filmed on video in Darbyshire Dales, U-K.
Great Falls Tribune USA, January 3, 2002 "Cattle mutilation back:" ranchers and lawmen baffled as criminal wave starts again.
Florida Press USA, October, 2001 "UFO's haunt missile crews:" ICBMS missile crew personal witnessed UFOs interventions on the sites.
Le Progrès du Jura France, October 21, 2001 "Strange lights in the sky friday night", in France if you are a newspaper correspondant your sighting is taken seriously.
Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal USA, October 21, 2001 "Navy retiree says he also saw spaceship 28 years ago:" a new witness comes forward in the famous Pascagoula 1973 case.
Var Matin France, October 2, 2001 "UFO or not - Observed by a whole family of the village, a curious celestial phenomenon could be videotaped during a dozen minutes, last June".
The Guardian UK, August 28, 2001 "US base's report of UFO crash 'had MoD in a panic'", Rendlesham forest incident, 11 years later.
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U-K, November 4, 2000 "Police make first arrest over crop circles".
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News-Register USA, May 9, 2000 "UFO expert to speak on anniversary of Mac sighting", the Trent UFO photographs, McMinnville, 1950.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch USA, January 9, 2000 "Police officers in St. Clair County report seeing early-morning UFO".

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