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Triangle UFO spotted by dog walker on The Wrekin in Shropshire, U-K-. 2016:

The article below was published in the daily newspaper Shropshire Star, U-K., and on its website, on October 1, 2016.

"Flying Dorito UFO" spotted by dog walker on The Wrekin in Shropshire

It s gone down in folklore in large parts of the Midlands as theFlying Dorito and now it appears to have taken an excursion over Shropshire s Wrekin.

The suspected UFO, the Flying Dorito, captured on his mobile phone by teacher Darren Edwards as he walked on the Wrekin.

The triangle-shaped object is a UFO mystery that has baffled thousands following several sightings in recent years over the Black Country.

A dog walker snapped these pictures while walking on the hill yesterday.

Teacher Darren Edwards used his mobile to capture pictures of the unidentified shape as it passed overhead.

Mr Edwards, from Lawley, said: "I was out walking the dogs at about 7:30am on the Wrekin and had stopped at the top for a rest and to take in the views.

"I look in the direction of Lawley and then over to Ironbridge and I could make out a black shape moving slowly in the sky".

"I managed to get my mobile phone out to take a few snaps and there is clearly a defined dark triangle shape."

"It was moving towards me and made no sound but having quickly checked on Google, it didn t match any military aircraft or UAV drones. It was so slow it almost hanged in the sky. It also seemed to change its shape slightly as it turned."

What do you think about the Flying Dorito'?

Mr Edwards said that after about 60 seconds it lowered in the sky and headed north, and after another 20 seconds faded and was gone.

He added: "It was a really strange looking thing to see and having served in the RAF I know that this was no current operational aircraft or drone."

The Dorito is a flying object that has been spotted numerous times in the skies over the past decade, especially in the Dudley area. It was given its name because of its triangular shape.

It has appeared in Shropshire before, having been spotted over Welshpool in January 2010.

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