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Commotion over UFO sighting in Southern Cordoba, Argentina, 2002:

This article was published in the daily newspaper El Diario de la Republica, Argentina, July 23, 2002.


SAN LUIS.- Public opinion across the country was startled yesterday following news of a UFO sighting in southern Cordoba on Sunday night.

When consulted by El Diario de la Republica, journalist Jorge Almirón of the El Puntal newspaper of Rio Cuarto, who covered the event, confirmed that at least 20 police officers from that Cordoban region saw the strange craft.

One of the officers had the most significant experience, since the squad car in which he traveled and approached the strange object ceased operating as the object drew closer, and the same happened to his cellphone and the police radio. Once the craft moved away,the equipment began operating once more, even some which had been broken.

This policeman was some 10 meters from the craft and said that it had the shape of a triangle measuring approximately 200 meters along the side, with countless portholes through which a light similar to that of spotlights emerged, lighting the entire area. Behind the illuminated spaces, the police officer could see shadows, but which were not clearly visible. Yesterday he told the media that he was stunned by the experience.

Journalist Almirón said that the Cordoba Chief of Police inspected the area yesterday with the purpose of seeing if any physical evidence of the passing of the strange ship could be found. As of yesterday, it was not known if someone had managed to photograph or film the apparition.

Almirón recalled that 20 days ago, the Cordoban police saw another very strange, large light in the same area.

Translation © 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Alicia Rossi.

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