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UFOs in the daily Press:

Position statement of SEPRA head J.J. Velasco, 2004:

This article was published in the regional daily newspaper La Dépêche du Midi, Toulouse, France, on April 18, 2004.

Toulouse. Jean-Jacques Velasco speaks out at last.
"Yes, UFOs exist"

Jean-Jacques Velasco finally speaks without reservation about his work. And believe us, it is quite an event for all those who are interested in serious information fallen from the sky. Jean-Jacques Velasco, his name is well known in France, particularly in the Toulouse area: he is the official "Mister UFO" of the country. He has carried out 27 years a scientific investigation into each - let's say "curious" - display above our heads. Surprise, the one who was summoned, but who had been expressed little, due to obligation of discretion, states today without ambiguity in a book (1) co-authored with Nicolas Montigiani, to be available on April 22, "UFOs... the evidence" (Carnot publisher) that, yes indeed, "they" exist, and yes, "they are of extraterrestrial origin.

Jean-Jacques Velasco, optics engineer of formation, directs since 1983 within the CNES (national Center of space studies) in Toulouse, SEPRA (Service of expertise on the are atmospheric phenomena), one of the very rare structures of this type on the planet.

SEPRA, it's rock solid in the matter of competences: it benefits since its creation in 1977 (initially under the denomination of GEPAN) from the support of a high level scientific council. Forty specialists in space disciplines in the CNES brought their assistance to him. Its mission consists in inquiring on the field starting from the official statements collected up by the gendarmerie and of the military observations. On 5800 studied cases, about half reveal perfectly identifiable causes (balloons probes, natural phenomena, rockets, etc). But 13.5% escape any rational explanation. For Jean-Jacques Velasco, although it is denied by the politicians, UFOS are the demonstrations of remote intelligences. We will talk again about that.

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