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Argentina animal mutilations in wake of nocturnal lights, 2002:

The article appeared in the local newspaper "Diario La Arena" of La Pampa, in Argentina, on April 29, 2002.

This is the first report of its kind in recent years from Argentina. soon, many other similar cases were mentionned in the press.

Animal Mutilations in Wake of Nocturnal Lights

SALLIQUELO (Agencia Macachín) - A few days ago strange lights appeared in the night skies over Saliquelló, Province of Buenos Aires, and in the morning cattle ranchers of the area found three mutilated bovines showing signs of having undergone a surgical intervention with unusual implements. A veterinarian told local media that the incisions "are strange ones in which some sort of heating element appears to have been used."

The news was broadcast at the national level on Saturday through Cronica TV, which took images from the local cable access channel, showing images of the animals and a technician named Daniel, who analyzed one of the cases, providing details on the strange event. According to the televised report, the animals were found by the owners of rural premises near Salliquelo, a small city located some 80 miles east of the Pampan locality of Anchorena, after "strange lights" were reported in the heavens over the area. These bovine deaths were attested to by local police.

The veterinarian interviewed claimed that what he saw in his inspection of the carcasses was abnormal. "They present strange cuts, as though resulting from an intense heat source. The skin is burned along the edges of the cuts, and the absence of blood in veins, muscles and ligaments [...] it is simply desiccated," he said. Daniel told the Saliquello cable access channel that the unusual cuts can be seen in the animals' bodies and heads. "One of them shows a perfectly straight cut on one mandible. Furthermore, its tongue is missing along with most of the alimentary tract: larynx, pharynx and saliva glands. The outer ear is completely missing. Another curious incision appears on the body (ribs and abdomen) which is teardrop-shaped through which genitalia was extracted," he explained.

Another detail offered by the professional, who performed a thorough inspection of one of the affected animals was the following: "it's as though you were cutting a piece of paper with a hot wire--the edges become dry, scorched and thinner. Furthermore, all traces of blood vanished. We only found some coagulated remains in the heart."

"It is a strange circumstance. There are no signs that the animal put up a fight, nor is their any evidence of scorched pasturland. I'm not saying that this is the handiwork of alien beings, but it's a strange circumstance nonetheless. Even the other animals refuse to come close to the dead ones, and curiosity is a characteristic element of bovines," he concluded.

Translation © 2002. Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi and Scott Corrales.

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