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Continuing animals mutilations reports, Argentina, June 2002:

The following article was published by the daily newspaper La Arena, of Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina, on June 23, 2002.


25 DE MAYO (C) - Eight more mutilated animals were found on Friday at Lots 2 and 22 of the Department of Curaco, 50 km south of Puelches. This was confirmed by Deputy Sheriff Omar Martinez in a statement to this correspondent. The finds are thus added to the over 100 animals which have appeared in the provinces of Rio Negro, Buenos Aires and La Pampa. Two of the carcasses were found on Lot 22 in a field owned by Augusto Valdome, and are those of two cows missing genitals, an ear, an eye and part of their jawbones. Furthermore, two additional cows and a calf were found in a field, also on Lot 22, owned by Julio Rogge. The first two were missing the same organs as in the foregoing case, but the calf was missing its lungs, heart, liver and entrails.

In a third field, police officers discovered three cows in a pasture on Lot 2, owned by Sara Aguerre. The carcasses were also missing their genitals, udders, ears, eyes and showed deep cuts on their jawbones. Martinez noted that the remains of the calf's head found on Rogge's field will be sent to the National University of La Pampa's School of Veterinary Medicine. The police took the initiative due to the strange bluish discoloration shown on [the animal's head].

Translation © 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special Thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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