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The UFO phenomenon and the Daily Press:

Cattle mutilation in La Pampa province, Argentina, 2002:

The headline article has been published by the newspaper Sociedad Rio Negro, region of La Pampa, Argentina, on Friday, June 14, 2002.

Friday, June 14, 2002

Big mystery in La Pampa surrounding mutilated cows

A farm in the surroundings of Rio Colorado has suffered the death of ten cows. With linear excisions, the cattles were deprived of tongue, eyes, genital parts.

RIO COLORADO (ARC) - The mysterious mutilations of ten cows found dead in a field in the region of La Pampa, deprived of eyes, tongue, genital parts, has caused a commotion in the area, as the professional investigators who studied the case did not find an explanation for the mutilations.

The dead animals were found lying on their sides - without any blood traces on them - and with wounds that appeared to be cauterized. No traces of vehicles and footsteps were found, The cows were adults and in perfectly good health conditions.

The crime occurred in a pasture located 70 miles North of he city, in the Pampa. (...)

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