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UFOs in the daily Press:

The article has been published on April 29, 2002, by the Norwegian newspaper Udresfeavifen, written by Arne R. Dahl.

He has seen UFO 58 times!

HESSDALEN: Bjarne Lillevold was one of the first to discover the strange light phenomena in his hometown. Today the Hessdalen Phenomena are known around the world. He has seen them 58 times himself. The last time was two weeks ago!

People flock to Hessdalen in Holtålen from near and far, just to get a glimpse of those mysterious flying objects.

Others use the internet to get updated on the latest info [Project Hessdalen]. 20,000 hits have been registered in one day.

Bjarne Lillevold is now the local UFO guide. He has experienced this phenomena in all kinds of weather and at any given time of day. The anomalies have been cigarshaped, plus oval and round spheres in all colors.

Bjarne tells us that the light sometimes travels at unbelievable speeds. It has been measured up to 30,000 km/h. (kilometers per hour). It goes up the mountain, over the forest and down the valley. Lighting up vast areas.

The light can appear travelling at enormous speed, and suddenly just stop in mid air.

The objects do not emit sound, with a few exceptions where a slight hum has been heard.

At no other place on the planet have UFO’s been observed over such a long period of time. In November and December last year they were observed almost every day.

Bjarne saw it again just two weeks ago. He admits being afraid the first time he saw the lights, but today his fear is gone.

"There’s no doubt about the lights, but what’s inside them I know nothing about. Lets just say it's something that shouldn’t be there. In the beginning we were harassed by the media and others, and no one dared speak about it.

"But after the scientists started to measure and take photographs there’s a more serious ring to the word UFO, says Lillevold.

Short note to those who still think Hessdalen is the siege of some swamp gaz - like phenomena:

"We saw that those lights were changing shapes suddenly from very big to very small and the phenomenon was there standing still. But the temperature was just constant because we measured the temperature in both phases. So, there must be some kind of self-heating mechanism that keeps the temperature constant. This is highly anomalous."

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, November 2001

"Last year we also saw a triangle in the sky."

"A triangle?"

"Yes, you can get information on this by reading my EMBLA 2000 report indicated in the bibliographic reference of the last EMBLA 2001 study. Last year we saw the triangle, but we couldn't document it because that day we didn't have a videocamera with us. It was impossible to follow it with a normal reflex camera. But it was just a triangle with three lights on the vertices. The lights were fixed, not blinking, and it was coming from north towards us and it did stop exactly over us. There were five of us and when it was over us it started to make a rotation around its axis while it was standing still. And after some seconds, about 15 seconds, the lights faded very gradually and the triangle disappeared over our heads.

"This is a story, but unfortunately we couldn't document or take measurements. But it happened.

"That took place this past summer of 2001 and those triangles with the lights at the three vertices have been reported in Belgium and England since at least 1990.

"I know, yes.

"How big would you estimate the size of the triangle you saw?

"It was practically impossible to understand. It was very big and I can only say that the size was about 10 times the moon. Probably more. I could see with my binocular that there was a dark surface very well. But differently from the Belgium cases. There was no blinking center light. There were only three lights fixed and then afterward fading gradually and disappearing.

"I tell you that my friend is director of a radio astronomical station. He is a radio astronomer and I am an astrophysicist. There were two professors there who are engineers and another professor. And it was in fact incredible!


"It is present in my paper and last year, we had one very small sphere. I could measure it. It was about 40 centimeters, sort of a probe. It arrived over our head. There were about three (of us who saw it) at night. It stopped 90 meters far from us near the trees and there it floated standing still for a long time, about 15 minutes. I took a photograph of that and by analyzing the frame, I could see that it was a solid. It was like alabaster (glowing) and I was able to follow it with my binoculars very well.

"When you are describing the surface, you saw one that had a smooth, shiny surface. This one, did you say, was like alabaster glowing from the inside out?

"Yes. Yes. In that case, it was a sort of low luminosity, like a 100 watt bulb. Not more. So we don't know why in this valley there most are plasmas. In other cases, there are other things. So there is an overlap of the two phenomenon and we don't know if this overlap is by something different or by behavior of the same phenomenon. We don't know yet.

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., Astrophysicist, November 2001, interview by © Linda Moulton Howe.

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