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UFO seen in Xativa, Spain, December 2002:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Las Provincias, Spain, December 13, 2002.

UFO Flies Over Xativa

Three local policemen claim having seen light in the sky and a metallic flying object that gave off a powerful light on different occasions

There are more than clouds and stars in the skies over Xativa. Local police officer Paco Hellín is one of three policemen who in recent days claims having seen metallic unidentified flying objects giving off very bright light. The first sightingoccurred in the early hours of November 20 to the 21st.According to Hellín "an unexplained metallic object gave off a strong blue light and moved in a visibly notable manner."

"I was at my station and some fellow officers on patrol told me they had seen the object. Thinking it might be the planet Venus, I headed to the location and saw the object did not look at all like any of the stars that were out at that time."

After that, the three policemen saw "how the object moved vertically." To add certainty to these movements, the officers used the cables of the RENFE catenary and the mountains in the background as a point of reference. "We suddenly saw that the object, as soon as it was both above and in between the cables, approached and went away from the mountain tops."

The agents witnessed the display from 0600 to 0650 hours. They then decided to contact the Manises Airport control tower tohave the facility’s radar detect the object. "There, after providing the coordinates of 150 to 170 degrees southeast,taking the airport as reference, they told us that nothingappeared in their radar, because in order for an object to bedetected, it needs to have a transponder that issues a signal."

"Days later," continued the officer, "I went to the airport and remarked with some of the directors of the aviation school, who told me that he too had seen a luminous object from his balcony, and it was possibly work being performed on a space station."

Days went by and another agent claimed having seen "a metallic object over the Lluis Alcayins hospital. This occurred on November 29 or 30, "and on the following day it was also around that same area," adds Hellín. According to his description, "it was thimble-shaped and gave off a glowing white light at its core, and an intense blue hue that changed to a lighter color."

Translation © 2002 Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Jordi Ardanuy.

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