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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO reported at Las Lenas, Argentina, June 2002:

This article was published in the newspaper Diario Popular, Argentina, on June 22, 2002.

UFO reported at Las Leņas

Mendoza - a UFO was seen in the touristic complex of "Las Leņas" by ten tourists and employees of the ski resort. The strange object was observed on two occasions. The first time was when the sun started to come up on the horizon and the second was, on the contrary, when the night fell close to the slope known by the inhabitants as "La Antena." It is the location of the internal radio of the complex. The witnesses described it as "a light which released an incredible intensity," while others witnesses described it as an oblong object which suddenly exploded in a thousand flashes as if it was a fire ball.

A mechanic who worked during the night said: "I was always told stories of UFOS but I had never seen one of them. Now this has changed. I was finishing some work close to the skiing tracks of "Vulcano" when I heard a whistling sound and I saw a luminous object of several colors in the distance, which crossed the sky. At this time I was completely frightened and astonished, for this reason I decided to return to the station to tell about it to all my friends!"

In fact the authorities of the complex admitted that before the mechanic arrived, tens of tourists and employees had told them the same thing.

Thanks to Claudio T., Argentina, for forwarding the article.

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