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UFOs in the daily newspapers:

The article has been published by the Derby Evening Telegraph via its web site "This is Derbyshire", UK, April 24, 2002. Similar events happened very regularly in that area since November 2001.


A new possible UFO alert in the Derbyshire hotspot of Bonsall Moor has been sounded.

Radio enthusiast Ron Gaunt said he was talking on a long-wave radio at the top of Bonsall Moor when a bright blue light shone down on his Ford Focus.

Mr Gaunt, a former radio operator in the Royal Engineers, said that sheep in a nearby field were startled by the eerie light.

And he noticed interference on the radio waves as the light bathed the hilltop for nearly two minutes just before 3am on April 7.

The 71-year-old, from Darley Dale, explained what was happening to radio friend Barbara Whyman, who was 40 miles away in Sheffield.

"He asked if I had a fault on my radio equipment. I thought my plug must have worked loose, but it was fine," said Mrs Whyman.

Mr Gaunt was so shaken that he decided to leave the moor a few minutes later, rather than transmit until dawn as he usually does.

He said: "It was a very clear and frosty night and suddenly it was like broad daylight. It left me feeling rather dizzy."

On returning to his home, Mr Gaunt tested his radio equipment only to find there was nothing wrong with it.

He passed on details to Derbyshire police, who said their helicopter was not in the area at the time.

Although the moor is crossed by power cables, East Midlands Electricity said no problems had been logged.

Police said there were no other reports of blue lights on the moor, a regular scene of UFO hunts.

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