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UFOs in the daily Press:

Crop circle, July 7, 2002, Gongelfang, France:

This article was published in the regional daily newspaper "Le R publicain Lorrain," France, on July 7, 2002. Please do not consider the headline accurate: no UFO was reported whatsoever in this case. See also the article of July 12 in the same newspaper.


UFOS have landed in Gongelfang!

Impossible to believe in a natural phenomenon: the thing is too regular and too perfect.

"Saucers have landed in Gongelfang", it is with these words that the news spread across the smalltown of Waldwisse and in the surrounding villages.

Indeed, in a wheat field close to the hamlet of Gonfgelfang, a small group of houses near Waldwisse, gigantic prints are visible from the surrounding hills and from the road of the Menhirs of Europe. On a surface of a hundred meters length, several circles with perfect drawing are printed in the tender green wheat. Impossible to believe in a whim of nature: the thing is too regular and too perfect. The wheat constituting the drawings are folded at their base and regularly arranged side by side in contrast with the remainder of the full grown vegetation.

No trace of trampling or passage, no trace of burn, pressure or of any mechanical passage, except two parallel and old lines due to the passage of a tractor during the last treatment of the cultures.

The sight is stunning and the influenceable monds can only be puzzled. The Police is called on the spot and during the day curious people arrived. One speaks about UFOs and other paranormal phenomena. Some more perspicacious people see in it a realization by some Land Art artists. Another one saw a relationship with the Mondial [Fussball World championchip] there is the stylized representation fussball player. The World Cup? perhaps, and the Tour de France! [Bicycle race around France] ... Won't the Tour de France come nearby in a few days? The helicopter in charge of the televised boradcasting is not likely to miss the phenomenon.

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