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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Strange Blue Cube in Guadeloupe, 2004:

The article below has been published in the daily newspaper Flash Info, of Sainte Appoline, Guadeloupe, on February 9, 2004.

The article has been reproduced on at least one ufology Internet site as if it were a notification of a potential bona fide UFO observation shortly after its original publication in the newspaper; I also received the scanned article in May 2004 directly via email, via a different source, still as if it were a notification of some real UFO sighting report

That was the fastest UFO investigation I ever did: I determined in 3 seconds that there was no UFO at all there, the explanation is simple and straightforward and leaves no doubt.

(The article in French tells of an almost typical vaguely described UFO sighting, and adds that experts are dumbfounded etc. But the text is not the best lead towards the explanation - this is why I did not bother to translate it.)

If you enjoy in playing the wannabee UFO investigator, try to find the commonplace explanation by yourself.

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