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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Diario Las Ultimas Noticias, Chile, reports on Monday, May 6, 2002 that more UFOs have been seen over Angol:

More UFOs over Angol:

Restlessness and commotion gripped residents of Angol and its environs as a result of a wave of unidentified flying objects recorded in the past few hours, especially in the downtown area of the capital city.

Only yesterday afternoon, about 15 residents of the town of Cornelio Saavedra were witnesses to three nearly simultaneous sightings of strange devices that moved swiftly through the sky, issuing flashes of multi-hued light, according to the Diario Austral de Araucania (newspaper). The phenomenon was caught on video by ufologist Raul Gajardo, who has spent over 40 years investigating it in the province of Malleco.

It is perhaps worth noting that experts consider the area as a "hot spot" for UFOs given the repeated sightings which occur every so often and the large number of witnesses who claim having seen unconventional craft crossing the heavens over the area.

According to the information furnished by Gajardo, the first sighting came about around 19:00 hours when a UFO moving from north to south made an abrupt dive from an altitude of some 1000 feet, only to lose itself in the horizon.

Only minutes after the event took place - says the ufologist - another reddish object appeared from the Nahuelbuta Range in the vicinity of the sector known as Aguas Santas, becoming lost in the clouds.

At that very instant, a third device remained motionless in the sky. At first it was mistaken by some as a commercial aircraft. But in less than a minute, the multicolored craft began moving some 60 degrees in a straight line over the mountain range, without making a sound. Subsequently, it increased its brightness in 5 second intervals and subsequently continued its trajectory toward the north until it vanished completely," explained the researcher.

To the above mentioned events can be added three more which occurred only days ago in the capital of Malleco province and an adjacent cordilleran sector, witnessed by five students who recorded the phenomenon, and a group of fishermen.

This photo - captured from a video recording - shows a UFO which paused for a few seconds in the skies over Angol. The image was taken by a student on April 19th.

One of the most startling sightings - compiled and submitted to analysis by Raul Gajardo - took place in broad daylight on Friday, April 19 and was witnessed by five students from different educational institutions in Angol.

Student Diego Gallegos Cifuentes, 13, pointed out that around 16:00 hours he was headed toward the house of a friend to record an event being prepared for a Mother's Day festivity. Cifuentes was accompanied by Israel Vitta, 13, and Sebastian Oporto, 12.

In his account, he pointed out that when he was about to film his companions, one of them, Carlos Flores, looked at the sky and noticed a strange object moving from north to south at a considerable altitude. "I recorded it for a few seconds and made a close-up with the camera's zoom. We all saw the strange device, which moved slowly for a few seconds until it vanished.

The recording was given to ufologist Gajardo, who pointed out that it showed a white, circular object: "Its periphery shows signs of 6 reddish brown lights or spheres. It remains [in place] for a few seconds until vanishing over Cerro Guacolda, to the south of Angol.

The recording, in the reseacher's opinion, is sufficiently clear and lasts 15 seconds. The passing of the object crossing the skies over Angol can be clearly seen.

But that wasn't all: these sightings began on April 14th, when office worker Luis Rodriguez, 46, was on a salmon-fishing trip in the cordilleran area, geographically between the Antuco and Copahue volcanoes, with two friends. The witness explained that "in the midst of fishing at around 5 a.m., one of my companions was the first to realize that toward the south, at some 45 degrees elevation, was a white luminous object that grew rapidly in size until it reached the scale of a full moon. The circular device quickly headed south in a straight line without making noise.

Rodriguez added that no sooner had the first object ceased to be visible, another white, brilliant spot appeared toward Cruz del Sur, growing gradually and behaving in a manner similar to the first one, also vanishing southward swiftly and silently.

Translation from Spanish to English (c) 2002. Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Gloria Coluchi.

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