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UFOs in the daily Press:

Sightings in Worcester, U-K., June 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Worcestershire Evening News, UK, June 13, 2003.

Is there anybody there... county in grip of UFO flap

A triangular object with a shining trail behind it has been sighted across the Worcester skies.

A man in St John's claims he saw the strange triangular shape with six lights on itsleft-hand side and six lights on its right-hand side, on Tuesday, June 3 at around 1am.

It was moving towards the Malvern area with a shining trail behind it.

The witness rang Contact International UFO Research, in Oxfordshire, to tell them of his sighting.

On Saturday, May 31, a man and wife, also from St John's, say they spotted a white light above Worcester Cathedral.

"The light suddenly shot off silently towards the Birmingham direction," said Michael Soper, spokesman for Contact International.

And in Kidderminster, on Wednesday night, two people say they saw a pearl-shaped object flying over Coventry Street as they were driving home.

"It was hovering in the sky then it darted out of sight," said Mr Soper.

"We can't speculate what any of these objects are."

Mr Soper said he received the phone calls after the Evening News reported how a man walking his dog near Lichfield Street, Stourport-on-Severn, saw six strange lights flying silently across the sky in a south-west direction over Stourport-on-Severn on Saturday, May 31.


The Evening News told people in the Malvern area to look out for unexplained objects afterthree triangular objects with bright lights were seen moving south-west over Birmingham on the same night. Anyone who spots strange objects in the Worcestershire skies should contact Mr Soper on 01865 726908.

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