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UFOs in the daily Press:

Sightings in Coquimbo, Chile, 2004:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Diario La Regiˇn, of Coquimbo, Chile, on September 2, 2004.

LA SERENA -- Yolanda Santiba˝ez and Edmundo RamÝrez both claim, and startle us, by saying that on the same week of the humanoid sighting in Coquimbo, whose account appears in yesterday's edition, an unidentified flying object flew over the the area.

While the brilliant afternoon sun slowly vanishes into a disquieting fog and a chill wind appears to herald a storm, silence reigns among residents of El Panul de Coquimbo regarding the "humanoid subject", as we could classify the chronicles published on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, and which describe the sighting last July by four individuals.

Yesterday, we wished to collect new eyewitness accounts in the same area, but it is evident that people are feeling panic, or at least fear of being ridiculed and criticised by their nearest and dearest.

At first we are told no, that the witnesses aren't home, that they themselves haven't seen anything, that it's all just tall tales... but they begin to relax when they realize that spreading doubt isn't healthy either.

It was thus that REGION learned new information on this subject.

A pair of local residents who live on a property that serves as a repair shop at the edge of the highway told us that they have indeed seen strange things, and that they themselves saw some sort of flying saucer.

Yolanda Santiba˝ez recalls that it was during the month of July in late afternoon hours that she and other witnesses observed a strange phenomenon in the skies, as she describes it.

"Yes, it was July, I couldn't tell you the exact date, but we saw an object in the sky near La Romana. It had an elongated shape, black or grey in color, and it shrank and expanded... it seemed to float while it assumed a square shape and when it remained like that, it seemed to have some things like wheels or such. At no time did we feel afraid, because we were accompanied."

She later adds other details and repeats them as though rewinding and reliving the events.

Edmundo Ramirez, another resident of the Panul sector, claims that such episodes occur repeatedly, and offered more details about them.

"The object we saw in July appeared suddenly. It made no noise, such as engine noise, for example. It was elongated, but kept getting longer and had no lights. The time was about 5 or 6 p.m.. Some other people who work here also saw it. It arrived as if from the north, passing slowly over the eucalyptus trees in the La Romana sector. Then it descended along that terrain as if heading toward the sea, and then vanished. Luckily it didn't approach us, and the dogs didn't bark either."

The sector [both witnesses] have indicated as the place where the vehicle disappeared is the same area indicated by the other witnesses claiming to have seen a small, glowing-red 80 cm. tall humanoid.

Eduardo Vega, his brother and two other workers of the Argando˝a brick works are the witnesses to this event, which they have shared with the greatest respect and seriousness, which they hope will be reciprocated. The Vega brothers are professionals and workers of the cement factory are adult heads of household.

Numerous calls to our newsroom and the high demand for the newspaper are proof of popular interest in the subject. However, LA REGION shall reserve the right to publish only those accounts given by people of known identity.

Translation © 2004, Scott Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology. Special thanks to Liliana N˙˝ez.

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