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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO sightings over Norwich, U.K., 2006:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Norwich Evening News, Norfolk, U-K., on October 6, 2006.

UFO Spotted In Skies Over Norwich

by Naomi Canton

The truth is out there somewhere? but people in the city are scratching their heads after more sightings of unidentified flying objects.

Over the past couple of months, baffled readers have contacted the Evening News to say they have spotted strange lights in the sky.

This week a fresh spate of sightings on Tuesday night left families across the city wondering what they had seen.

Barrie Slade, 25, who lives in Clifton Street, said he was stunned to see an unusual orange glow in the sky while out walking his dog down Heigham Street at 10.20pm.

The father-of-one said: "At first I saw one orange light and then it was followed by three more orange lights really close to it and it was moving diagonally in the sky. It was quite slow and then it disappeared in the distance."

He texted a friend in Old Catton, who also saw two lights. Mr Slade, a chef, who went to Broadland High School in Wroxham, added: "They made a triangular shape. I thought it can't be a plane because planes have flashing lights but these were silent and it was just an orange glow. I don't think it was a hot air balloon because they normally send off a flame."

Miles Ward, 26, saw the lights from outside his house in Jex Road at 11pm. He said: "My neighbour told me to look up and then right down towards the city centre. I could see four bright red lights coming in my direction and then they stopped. My wife took a picture but they did not show up."

About 20 minutes later he saw three lights in the same place, which stayed for five minutes and then faded out. He said: "It looked like they were above Heigham Street. They were at the same sort of height as an aeroplane but they stopped for three or four minutes and there was no noise. The way it was moving was eerie."

Heather Allen, who lives in Netherwood Green, Lakenham, saw the lights at 10:40pm above the woods near her house.

The 56-year-old grandmother said: "I saw five or six yellowy-orange bright lights in the sky at the back of the woods. They were floating. They were in a line behind each other. Then they went out towards Trowse. They were about the height of a helicopter but there was no noise. It just did not seem like anything I could recognise."

John Sayer, treasurer of the Norfolk UFO Society, said he had received two reports. He said one witness from Unthank Road saw three yellowish bright lights at 10.15pm and another person in Lakenham saw four orange lights which stopped and circled a small white light at 10.30pm. "We are collating reports on it and interviewing witnesses. It does sound like a genuine anomalous sighting," he said.

UFO sightings:

- In August this year several witnesses reported sighting a UFO flying over Hellesdon. They said a bright red ball appeared above Low Road, it glowed then turned blue. A triangular black craft then appeared 50ft in the air which pulsed various lights, but there was no sound and it eventually shot off in total silence.

- In September Kerry Neal of Thorpe St Andrew spotted a similar silent hovering aircraft near Acle. She said she saw lights and an object hovering which then disappeared.

- In 1997 David Spoor, from Oulton Broad, filmed several UFOS in the Lowestoft area. On one occasion he was closing the door of his home when he saw a metallic saucer-shaped object in the evening sky and captured it on film. He was later invited on an expenses-paid trip to a UFO convention in the USA to talk about his sightings.

- In April 1996 the Norfolk UFO Society was swamped after sightings of an unusual bright white light in the sky came in from all over the city

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