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UFOs in the daily Press:

Football-shaped humming object, electrical effects, Switzerland, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper 24 heures [24 hours, french speaking newspaper], Switzerland, on November 29, 2003.

Caution: I have the discinct impression that the text underneath is not exactly what the newspaper may have written but rather a summary, some part may be rewritten.

If the alleged electrical effects are mete coincidence, the object may be a blimp. There is not enough information in the article to really make something out of it.

A UFO in Froideville!

MYSTERY: Three people saw a "flying football which hummed." It is said to have caused electric disturbances. The police forces investigate.

"Mars Attack" on Froideville!

Yesterday at midday, three residents saw a UFO in the sky. The police has been alerted.

MYSTERY (...) It resembled a football. It hummed while moving vertically (...) It was midday, approximately. A woman was busy cooking. She is the one who first saw the object. A flying football which hummed. It moved vertically in front her window. At the same time, everything died out in the house. General power outage! The second witness is a neighbor. She describes exactly the same phenomenon, with the difference that in her case, household appliance turned on spontaneously. The UFO was still seen by a third people. Then nothing more. All the three then called the gendarmerie [police] (...) "a military plane did fly ovser Froideville a little before midday, but of course nothing which resembles collected testimonys... (...)

Ammunition experts on the premises

In any event, it is a team specialized in deactivating bombs which was sent to Froideville. The very team which usually deals with explosives or bombs. Their mission: to collect all possible traces to elucidate the mystery of the flying football. The results are impatiently awaited.

Laurent Antonoff

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