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UFOs in the daily Press:

The Moon, Venus, and UFOs:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Bien Public, France, on May 18, 2004.

Strange observations in the sky of Côte-d'Orient

And what about Venus?

Our report devoted to the video recording of the sky of Auxois by an inhabitant of the area of Sombernon (Le Bien Public of Saturday) obviously did not leave you insensitive.

UFO or not, this kind of display interests and generates discussions. Let us remind that Michel, a gardener, aged 50, managed to videotape nearly thirty minutes of video images on his videocam, during which, strange phenomena took place in the sky. Luminous spheres, fast and jerky movements and finally, a strange "V" formation in the sky that night of Sunday, May 9. Enough to sugest certain comments, however without answering the interrogation with certainty, like those of Pierre Causeret, president of the Astronomical Society of Burgundy.

To this rationalist, professor of mathematics, these descriptions seem to direct towards planet Venus. "I did not see this film. But I can tell you that the current period, as well as the time announced by Michel, correspond to the possibility of seeing Venus. A very luminous planet which can create this kind of colored reflections when observed.

A planet which can be visible in the North-West, 12 degrees above the horizon. As a matter of fact, these features are found in the video. And the Moon.

"As for the rest, I do not know what it is. Is this a visual effect? A reverberation? It would be necessary to analyzethese images a little more for an answer," added the astronomy buff who specifies: "One thing on the other hand is certain. Your witness states to have checked that what he saw was not the Moon, for the moon was on the other side of the house. Well, you must know that this is impossible, because at this period of the year, and this last Sunday to be precise, the Moon was in the sky only at 03:00 A.M. Before, and at the time of the reported observation - note: 23:00 - it was thus impossible to see the moon and the described phenomenon simultaneously. "

"And yet, I did see the moon. Just above the wood. Perfectly round" answers Michel, angried at the behavior of the astronomers answers. "I called this people by phone to report this phenomenon to them. Well, I am still waiting for any response. So, what the hell."

Moon or not, Venus or not, this observation keeps all its secrecies still today.

J.-Ph. G.

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