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UFOs in the daily Press:

Russians say UFO may have caused Ukraine plane crash:

This article was published in the dutch newspaper De Telegraaf on August 4, 2002.

It came from a newswire by the Belgian news agency Belga, and was also read on the French France Inter national radio and issued in similar wording on several other newspaper such as the local newspaper "La Nouvelle gazette," seemingly.

Please note that maybe it was a bird anyway. As usual with such newsbrief, thereis no real investigation. I also always wonder why some newsbriefs are reproduced everywherewhile other are totally ignored.

UFO Possibly Caused Air Disaster in Ukraine

KIEV/Moscow - A UFO could have caused the calamity that claimed 84 lives, and leaving almost 200 people injured during an airshow near the Ukrainian city of Lviv on July 27.

On that Sunday, Russian television station NTV was transmitting the event as a Sukhoi Su-27 jet aircraft performed aerial maneuvers in the sky at the public airshow. The craft was filmed plummeting out of control and exploding on the ground among crowds of visitors.

According to NTV, when later reviewing the tape at slow speed they observed a dark unidentified flying object appear on the right hand side of the jet just moments before it crashed. NTV says the dark object is definitely not a bird, but what it is the pictures do not make clear.


The Belga newsbrief said:

A UFO said to have buzzed the Su-27 before the Livi crash

An unidentified object is said to have passed very close to the Soukhoï Su-27 fighter at high speed a few seconds before it crashed into crowd during an air show which killed 84 in Lviv (western Ukraine), according to images boradcasted Sunday by the Russian television channel NTV. The object, which is visible only when the sequence is viewed in slow motion, has a rising trajectory, and according to NTV it could not be a bird. It is however impossible to identify it on the images broadcasted by the Russian television. An Su-27 crashed on last 27 July on an airfield of Lviv during an air show, killing 84 people and wounding almost 200. It is the most serious disaster in the history of air shows in the whole world. The pilots were accused not to have respected the flight plan, but the chief of the board of inquiry Evhen Martchouk indicated that the reason why they had made this error was not yet known. (YVL)

I also saw it with this wording:

Kiev/MOSCOW - A UFO may have caused the disaster during the air show over the Ukranian city of Lviv. This was announced by the Russian television station NTV on Sunday.

The station transmitted video pictures of the air show. A dark spot seems to enter directly into the path of the jet from the right, before it crashed into the area. The unidentified flying object (UFO) can only be seen, if the video is played in slow motion. According to NTV the dark spot is definitely not a bird, but it is not clear, what it is, from the picture.

On July 27 a Sukhoi Su-27 crashed into the public during an air show. Thereby 84 people died and almost two hundred were wounded. The disaster in Lviv is the most terrible in the history of air shows.

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