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UFOs in the daily Press:

Sightings in Thames valley, U-K, October 2005:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Oxford Mail, Oxfordshire, England, on November 7, 2005.

More UFO claims

The mystery surrounding a UFO sighting in south Oxfordshire took another twist when a mother and daughter also claimed to have seen the "alien spacecraft".

A brick-shaped object -- claimed to be a UFO -- was photographed hovering over the Benson area at about 6am on October 27 by Didcot builder Howard Jarman.

Now Jacqui Ellaway and her daughter Jo say they saw the UFO over Sutton Courtenay at 5.40am on the same day.

Mrs Ellaway was in her daughter's car outside their home in Heather Road, Milton, ready to leave for work when they spotted bright lights in the sky.

She said: "There were three square windows in a row, all you could see were the lights and a faint light underneath, but three very big square windows. It wasn't moving at all, we just sat there in the drive looking at it. It wasn't very high at all."

Mrs Ellaway said her daughter switched the car engine off but the flying object was making no sound at all.

"It was very eerie and I just said let's get out of here."

A similar object was photographed by builder Howard Jarman just 20 minutes later from his home in Richmere Road, Didcot.

He spotted the object when he opened his curtains.

He said: "I saw an object in the sky with bright lights in the distance over the Benson area.

"There was a strange humming noise like pylons make.

"I called my wife June and we stood for three-quarters-of-an-hour watching it. At first I thought it was an aircraft, but this was something else. It was different."

A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence said the object was probably a plane or light reflecting off cloud.

Commander Trevor Field said: "If people report these kind of incidents we will look into them, but we do not keep UFO statistics."

Thames Valley Police said they had not received any reports of a UFO in the area.

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