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Continuing reports of animal mutilations, Argentina, 2002:

This is the interview of SENASA veterinarian Dr. Daniel Belot in Salliquelo, Argentina, by the local La Pampa provincial newspaper Nuevo Dia on June 15, 2002.

Daniel Belot, D.V.M., Veterinarian for Argentina's SENASA federal agency, based in Salliquelo, La Pampa, Argentina:

6/15/02 Nuevo Dia: "Dr. Belot is convinced that the perpetrators arrived by aerial means and is certain that the animals were slain elsewhere and subsequently dumped in the field."

Dr. Belot urged our region's cattlemen to report any anomalous case immediately, since he believes that the sooner investigations take place, there is a greater possibility of reaching a solution, which is hitherto completely unknown.

Dr. Belot began his story by recalling that a "cattleman (in Salliquelo) told me he had a dead animal in a field and his attention had been drawn to the fact the animal seemed to be skinned to the bone on one side. I thought this was impossible because it was something I was not familiar with, something utterly abnormal. For that reason I told him that some animal must have eaten it, which the cattleman completely rejected, saying that no animal eats in a straight line. Therefore, I resolved to go and see what was going on."

"I was confronted by an unnerving sight. Those who haven't seen it cannot understand the magnitude of the situation." Dr. Belot explained that "the animal lay on the ground like a rabbit and the entire left side of its face was skinned to the bone beneath the eye. All of its molars were visible. When we performed the necropsy we found that it was missing its tongue, all of its vocal apparatus ­ which is to say the larynx and part of the pharynx ­ and something very odd: there was no blood inside or outside the animal. It was perfectly clean. That came as an enormous surprise to us."

Dr. Belot confirmed that there was no tearing of any kind on the animal. Therefore, he discards the likelihood that predators would have attacked it. "It is a deed that appears to have been carried out by humans, but even so, it is something very hard to do." When asked if he was able to come up with any explanation whatsoever, Dr. Belot confessed that "my curiosity has not yet been satisfied. I've sent samples to the University of Buenos Aires School of Pathology and the only response I've received is that how the incisions were made cannot be determined."

Dr. Belot stated that he did not establish the animal's cause of death, going as far as to state that blood samples taken from other animals to detect strange substances "have yielded no results so far. The ones I have received confirm that there is nothing strange in the animals' blood."

Dr. Belot, who has analyzed more than a dozen of these mutilation cases, remarked that vital organs were missing in most of them. "In the first case, which is the one I am discussing here, the animal was missing all of its maxillaries, but others were missing testicles and penises. Others were missing ears, others were missing mammary glands, and still others were missing rectums and vaginas. All of this suggests some kind of scientific research, but don't ask me why a scientist is going to conduct research in the middle of different farms without asking for permission because I can't imagine why."

Dr. Belot said he was astonished about the absence of tracks around the mutilated animals and wondered how it is possible "for no other animal to come near. predators animal did not approach."

Translation © Scott Corrales, Director of the Institute for Hispanic Ufology.

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