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UFOs in the daily Press:

UFO phenomena in Garsican, France, 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper la Dépêche du Midi, France, March 21, 2003.


On three occurrences, an inhabitant of Latoue saw the strange lights

The beams of Gariscan

The man is 40, he is the head of a small company (special metal recovery in aeronautics), he is married and lives in a village close to Saint-Gaudens, Latoue. More precisely, in the hamlet of Gariscan. Three times, this man saw strange lights sweeping his property during last weeks.

The property is in a kind of cul-de-sac, at the end of a road with no exit, a nicely arranged house, hangars which shelter trucks, surfaces of metals storage... Enclosing the house, some recently planted hedges and, farther along, remains of a wood which forms a kind of thin barrier. It is there, precisely, that our man saw the first lights. "It was on February 16, a Sunday. I was there, behind my house, it was 7 hours. I saw as an enormous spot which lit down from the sky, from top to bottom, on four or five meters. It illuminated the top of the trees. This light came to strike with the top of the hedge. It went away again, it was fixed at the top of the trees. A bright light. At the top of it, I did not see anything. I did not hear anything. I remained frozen. The light is extinct at 07:35."

Our man called the police officers in Toulouse: "they did not even take my name. They told me that i had to take pictures of the "thing", I believe that they did not believe me." This sudden light, unknown, returns on the same location on March 8. "It was a Saturday, it was 11:40 p.m. I went outside as I do every evening. This time, again above slightly shifted wood but, there were ten spots. Dazzling lights. I do not know what "they" wanted to see. I had, at this time there, a large titanium stock. It is perhaps that which attracted "them." My wife was with me, she was afraid. It is perhaps the army or I do not know who... I had my digital videocamera, I did not dare to film, for fear that "they" may see me."


Our observer called the gendarmerie again. "This time, they took my identity, my address and asked me to contact a Mr Vélasco someone." Jean-Jacques Vélasco is responsible with the CNES (National Center of the Space Studies) for the service of rare aerospace phenomena. "He too, told me to film or photograph it, that there is no risk at all... easy to say."

The last luminous appearance occurred last Sunday, March 16. "I had just seen a movie on the TV, continued the contractor, afraif to even speak about it. It was 10:30 p.m., I came out with my wife on the terrace. Above us, there were two large stars which shone more than usually. At 00:30 A.M., one of them left very quickly. Opposite us, on the wood, three spots this time, spaced of ten meters from each other. Still no noise. The craft had tobe enormous. It was not seen. With my wife, we hid under the veranda so that "we do not feel observed." The man is not reassured. "Even the dog fled when he saw that. He trembled under the table. It did not even bark. These lights which rake the field, to the house. I have spots in front of my home, they produce 2.000 Watts each. But this, it was much more powerful. With my wife, we started to be really afraid. What is this, what do "they" wants from us? What do you think? What are we supposed to do? You know, I had rather not seen anything."

It is clear that all the light on these stories has to be made. [sic]

"It is necessary to take these appearances seriously"

Jean-Jacques Vélasco is responsible for the service of the aerospace phenomena within the CNES (National Center of space studies [Franc's own small NASA]) in Toulouse. It is for this reason that we joined him. For him, each observation is of interest. "The phenomena observed by this inhabitant of Comminge must be investigated. It is clear that we must establish a match with the testimony of neighbors, close relations, other people who, at the same time, may have seen the same lights. This witness should, when his phenomena occur, call other observers which can corroborate his statements. He could also take photographs, or video. In any event, it is especially necessary not to neglect this kind of testimony. Recently in Tibiran-Jaunac, close to Montréjeau, a man of the village had seen mousse falling from the sky. Everyone thought he is insane. In the end, his story proved completely real. As for the explanation hoped... We try our best to find answers."

This resident of Latois shows the place where lights sharp sweeped his field at the top of the trees. DDM - DG picture

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