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Ufology, U-K., 2003:

This article was published in the daily newspaper Evening Telegraph, UK, on February 26, 2003.


An appeal for witnesses to a string of alleged ‘close encounters’ in North East Fife has led to a "massive public response" with UFO investigators currently looking into 19 reports in Fife and a string of unexplained sightings across Central Scotland.

Ex-navy submariner Lee Close, who is chief investigator with the Anglo Scottish UFO Research Agency (ASUFORA), revealed today that since the local Press highlighted alleged UFO sightings last year, the number of calls and emails to him continued flooding in.

He remained open minded as to whether many of these reports could be explained by astronomical or aircraft factors. It was also his team’s job to sift out any potential hoaxes.


But he was encouraged that people seeking answers were still prepared to come forward and share what they had seen - especially when many individuals often felt embarrassed to do so.

Speaking from West Lothian, Mr Close said, "The reports keep coming in and some go back many years.

"They include a ‘small gold sphere’ seen from Dundee about five miles off RAF Leuchars, and a man who said that on two or three occasions he saw several large, cigar-shaped objects hovering and then disappearing in the Ladybank area when he travelled daily between Dundee and Glenrothes between 1989 and 2002.

"We are also looking at an astonishing case from Ballingry in 1958. A lady, now 80, can recollect the event like it happened yesterday.


"She said an orange, long, cigar-shaped object followed a jogger called John Hodge. It was witnessed by several 12 year-olds."

Seven years ago two local women made headlines around the world after claiming they encountered aliens at Drummy Wood, Freuchie.

UFO enthusiasts are now being drawn to the area in renewed numbers following a new "sighting" by a retired US army captain and his family during a visit to the area last summer.

Mr Close said this was still being investigated, but he was also intrigued by the number of other alleged unexplained sightings in the area.

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