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This article was published in the daily newspaper Le Provenšal, France, page 18, le 12 juillet 1974.


A mysterious phenomenon melted the roof of a house

A hole of one square meter in the zinc roof of a house, and beams turned brownish, strongly puzzle the police officers of Ellemmes (the Norn) who opened an investigation.

However, it is not about finding a pyromaniac, but about explaining a strange phenomenon which occurred at the end of June, but which was known only these last days: awaked in the middle of the night by "a sharp gleam and an enormous noise", a certain number of residents of the district stated to have seen, on a house, a mysterious "thing", luminous, cylindrical, "orange and bubbling like metal in fusion." At the end of a few minutes, the phenomenon disappeared.

The next day, the owner of the house realized that his roof had melted. Moreover, the battery of his car was empty. In the vicinity, five or six other motorists made the same observation.

For many residents of Ellemmes, the phenomenon would have been caused by "a UFO"... The investigators rather think of a storm of static electricity. They collected metal fragments (which they believe being of molten zinc) and sent them for analysis in Paris.

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